Chrysler V8 PT Cruiser – Turbo


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  1. Chris17psi says:

    A turbo 1UZ, huh? nice…..funny how some tool below called this motor “jap crap”. Ought to look up and see how many people choose this motor for their hotrod setup–and why.

  2. MrBry329 says:

    what about the jeep patriot i think that would be even better

  3. rafaelmc76 says:

    @gunny556fly how about a 360 just to keep it a true Mopar!

  4. DonnieZeCrazee says:


    I love my SBC’s and all, but to disregard the 1UZ is downright ignorant. It’s an amazing engine.

  5. hnglkahorse says:

    @sparky30368 nothing ,the chap who built it is a mechanic so didnt cost much at all except parts etc

  6. sparky30368 says:

    How much did that engine conversion cost… lol

  7. hnglkahorse says:

    @MIZQUITLI Yes thats correct…………And?

  8. MIZQUITLI says:

    That’s a Lexus four cam engine 1UZ

  9. gunny556fly says:

    bah im going to do it right! im going to get a small block 350 v8 and stuff in there not some jap trap motor.

    rod iron black and wide white walls anyone with me?

  10. charger19691 says:

    That’s really incredible, you and your friends involved with this project did an amazing job!!!

  11. randu20cns says:

    nice pt

  12. evoracer2 says:

    badass !!!

  13. hnglkahorse says:

    Haha yeah it was a mission!!!! Moved firewall back afew centimeters. Its not my car its a mates ,i only did little bit of welding on chassis and tunnel, ill find out how long it took and get back to you…..

  14. utfan26 says:

    That is just nuts, great job in stuffing that huge V8 in that little space…..how long did it take you to finish it?

  15. hnglkahorse says:

    Toyota, yeah it is…

  16. utfan26 says:

    correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t that a lexus V8???

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