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Chrysler refused to warrant the front wheel bearings with only 54500 miles on them under the 7/70 powertrain warranty, so I did the work myself and saved over 0.00 from what dealer’s service department wanted to charge me. This video includes a description of removing the steering knuckle so that a machine shop could press out the old and press in the new bearing, then covers reinstall.
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  1. AxelxRoxas8811 says:

    I have a question. How did you know the wheel bearings were shot? The thing is my PT Cruiser 2003 is pulling to the left and the front end shakes. We can’t drive past 40mph without it really shaking (More like the car is limping) It only has 24,000 some odd miles on it. My mom thinks it’s the wheel bearings.. did yours have any trouble like that?

  2. Verbalstuntman says:

    I would use a tie-rod and ball joint separator, it makes it much easier to remove them.

  3. Raiden7800 says:

    Just for the record, you do not need to put on that thin nut which holds the rotor on. That was only used at the factory so that the rotor would not fall off before the wheels were put on the vehicle. They serve no other purpose.

  4. Mr2005PTCruiser says:

    I would rate this video “B minus.” He does very well in showing how to take the right front hub off and I agree with the suggestion to have a machine shop press in the new bearing. However, the reassembly is not as easy as the video would lead you to believe, particularly the left hand side. Not having the luxury of a shop and lift as he does adds to the misery. Bottom line: you save $500 – $700 dollars but you sure earn it.

  5. AZshooterman says:

    Thank you very much for making this video.  I am changing the bearings next week on my 2005 and this video makes it look easy.

  6. FTSeduSICK says:

    Hey, thank you so much for the video. It made the job so much easier, was able to remove successfully with no doubts or headaches. Appreciate you taking the time to make the video for the greater good. Thank you!

  7. davestheman4janice says:

    I have over 85,000 miles on my 05 PT and Im changing my wheel bearing for the second time. I actually only changing one as the left front is humming. Im only paying 15 dollars to have the bearing installed. Im also doing this work myself. I have also had a weird growling sound when I turn the car ever since it was new and Chrysler could never figure out what it was. Any guesses?

  8. neth8tr says:

    im on my 2nd set of replacement bearings at 120,000 miles. not a tough job to remove the knuckle but from what the machine shop told me it is difficult to remoive the bearing from the hub. which only cost 40 total (you got ripped off). btw if you are going this far into riiping apart the front end you will want to replace the lower control because of the bushings and replace the outer tie rods especially if you are close to 60,000 miles trust me. im with you on screw chrysler and there warranty

  9. snovak1 says:

    Awesome. Thanks much for making the video. It’s reassuring to watch the process before tearing into it.

  10. rogerbelanger93 says:

    People pay money for these cars? You can’t even give them away here in Canada…

  11. MUSTANG408W says:

    Off to the right where you see related videos to changing these wheel bearings are a couple of my videos. One of them is the bearing being pressed out. 2002 models specifically had a midyear part number change that Chrysler failed to inform people when and with which VIN the Cruisers would start using the newer part number wheel bearing.

  12. BruteForce386 says:

    Working on this on my PT, video is coming in very handy! Thank you!

  13. edward9145 says:

    OK, You need to do an alignment after removing the knuckle assembly. You have 2 choices of Bearings that are used. One is a double roller “Ball” bearing and the other is Double “Tapered bearing”. The “Ball bearing is half the cost of the Tapered.
    The Ball bearing you will get 30 to 50 K of service life. The Tapered Bearing you will get 4 times that amount. Request Timken Set49 bearing . That is the Tapered bearing. Grease the splines before reassembly. 180ft pounds very important.

  14. rayzup says:

    This is awesome but does it depend on the bearings? I was told you could knock the bearings out w/o the machine shop but if they are pressed on I could understand how a machine shop would be needed….but again awesome !!! thanks for posting this

  15. griffontalons says:

    you didnt tell us the nessesity of needing a machine shop to replace it. but good job.

  16. ln11bike says:

    You legend, thanks a heap. Job was easy thanks to you .
    Cheers Len

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