Wrist Surgery Ulnar Shortening Osteotomy

Dr. Jack Choueka performs an ulnar shortening for TFCC tear with ulna positive variance using Trimed plate


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  1. scott5626 says:

    Just had this surgery done 1 week ago, I was in a lot of pain 2-3 days after the procedure but it doesn’t hurt that much now. My wrist is really stiff still, I go to get my staples removed inext Wednesday.

  2. MelyssaAKASkittlez says:

    Also, I’m getting symptoms of elbow tendinitis and ulnar nerve entrapment, along with puffiness of the abductor digiti minimi, which painfully cramps and spasms spontaneously. Anyone ever hear of that problem resulting from positive ulnar deviation? I suppose the surgery is my best hope, after all.

  3. MelyssaAKASkittlez says:

    This is what I will be having done after the semester is over. Cortizone and physical therapy didn’t help enough. It’s a work-related injury and I’ve been out of work since the day before Thanksgiving! Thank you ulnas for being too long!

  4. ayayayify says:

    i don’t understand what this is doing

  5. MamaLilliBear says:

    @pxlkitty4 how long did it take for the bone to heal.. i am going for this surgery in month.. a little nervous..

  6. pxlkitty4 says:

    . Doctors don’t advocate slings these days… I had a short-arm cast.

  7. pxlkitty4 says:

    @Phoebepetryk. I always had pain with the plate… I asked for it to be removed in May 2006, after it had been done in October 2004…

  8. pxlkitty4 says:

    I had this surgery done in October 2004, and then asked for the plate to be removed in May 2006 after my bone had healed. My wrist is still not 100%, but it’s close… I also had a lunotriquetral ligament tear in addition to the TFCC injury. This is a fascinating procedure to watch… Good luck to everyone else who has had this procedure. The hand therapy that follows is a lot of work, but it is worth it.

  9. FreeBeDrug says:

    well done!

  10. moreno201619 says:

    im having the same 1 done it a week really nervouse im only 14

  11. Phoebepetryk says:

    Does that hurt after he/she heals?

  12. donnaneedham1 says:

    I’m havin this done in the new year not lookin forward to it. When you all had yours done did any of you have a sling. My drs told me my arm will be in a short arm cast. Like I said I’m not looking forward but hubby is having the week to look after me. I’ve got my pre op assesment on the 3rd Jan so hopefully my op wont be that far behind.

  13. Techgirl1999 says:

    My uncle has just had that done :| 

  14. OMFGVidz says:

    The doctor who drips the water onto the bone should feel proud of him/herself.

  15. xxzachxxcollegexx says:

    would it be possible for you to make a video for tommy john surgery?

  16. baby3882 says:

    i only have pain from the plate when i have pushed myself to far, but other then that no pain at all other them when i have to catch a kid from running around the house because they dont want to listen, sometime from the weather but that is not all the time. when that happen i just put the brace back on.

  17. Amzpaulmia says:

    ….. Continued
    Have just had conf that right wrist has TFCC too. Having orthroscopy In 4 weeks to confirm extent but looking like Ulnar shortening again. Not looking forward to this. Any one else having this done soon? Also, is any one having any pain from the plate?

  18. Amzpaulmia says:

    Had this on my left wrist April 2010. Only just recovered. Bone wouldn’t knit together. Was offered a bone graft after 6 month but declined. Thought I’d give it a little more time to heal. At 9 monnths things started to get better and at 12 month near enough healed. Afetr the op all was fine. Asked if I could go home that night and was allowed but advised better to stay. Should have stayed as was bad for a fortnight. I have a high pain tolerance but was popping codene for fun. Continued…..

  19. Remolfm says:

    Hey Dr. Choueka, I have a question.

    I broke my radius back in 2003 and it healed just fine (Simple Fracture near the top of the Radius), but ever since it healed, I could move my Ulna out of place to this day. I went to my Doctor and he said I probably tore or severed the ligament as well as breaking my Raduis. My questions are,
    1. Is there a surgical operation to fix that and if so
    2. What would the operation be called?

  20. garymbg says:

    I had this sucker done to me by a terrific surgeon — recovering now but already I have much better mobility and less pain than before

  21. baby3882 says:

    I can tell you this that I had my ulna shorten a year ago, it worked well. just had one problem and it was work because i was beening pushed every day i end up having a shot of med put in my wrist because it was hurting and my job takes a lot of wirst. if you need any more information just ask.

  22. geratmathew says:

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  23. NeverEndingKarla says:

    I’m gonna pass out.

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