Julie Burns- Oh Brother!

original song written by Julie Burns dedicated to John Costello, speech therapist from Boston Children’ s Hospital. Performed by Julie Burns, Susan Warren her music therapist and The Black Raspberries Lyrics- Oh Brother! At Children’s Hospital there’s a really good fellow He’s a speech therapist named John Costello We work with Sam. She has a Vantage too. We like to tease him cuz’ it’s fun to do. It seems more like playing than like therapy Because he makes it fun for Sam and me (and I say…) Oh…oh…..oh…ooh..oh.oh…oh oh.oh..oh..oh..oh…..oh…oh oh…oh…oh..oh..oh….oh…oh I say: “Oh Brother! Your’e more like a BROTHER to me!” Since I was 2 years old he’s been a really good friend He shows me movies from way back then. he wears his glasses down on his nose a lot. I tell him ” You’re Old!” (but really he’s not) When we work together, I don’t want it to end “Cuz he treats me like a sister….He treats me like a friend.
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    Awesome´╗┐ Julie!

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