CNN: Obama: ‘They talk about me like a dog’

President Obama delivers a speech in Wisconsin, where he says among other things the GOP talks “about me like a dog.”


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  1. enigmanuma says:

    You’re no Jimi Hendrix obama.

  2. Amunet Neter says:

    LOL! you sound like my father when you said that!

  3. johnmiller323 says:

    Racist, ignorant youtube comments… but what’s new.

  4. teapartysucks says:

    you are retarded, still keep to kiss bush’s ass, haha.

  5. 007ObiWan says:

    If Barack were a dog, what breed would he be? I say an Afghan hound/French
    poodle mix.

  6. skyrider4ever says:

    I would speak so lowly about a dog…

  7. K Sanatra says:

    yea they talk about you bastard cause u DID shit 4 american JOBS,AMERICA
    money and supporting our families and your slick pimp talkin ass hasnt did
    shit so you know what fuck YOU sumbody VOTE THIS BASTARD OUT ASAP(and im

  8. teapartysucks says:

    @happystance6able you are retarded, still keep to kiss bush’s ass, haha.

  9. dooooooer says:

    @Armando7654 Douche racist poison people like you must be eradicated from
    the face of the earth.

  10. cottonceena says:

    DOG? Too polite. More like a lying, self-serving, incompetent, racist,
    puppet, anti-semitic, inexperienced, over-confident, muslim terrorist
    loving, socialist, retarded, satanic PIECE OF SHIT!!!

  11. saxweeyaan says:

    The truth is beautiful and sometimes has ugly side, we are not afraid of
    the ugly side we can face it. No No fear has never taken any one any where.
    I love Obama because he is a man and he talks like a man, a real American
    man. Money is the enemy of love and it always haunts those who misuse it.
    VIVA PRESIDENT OBAMA VIVA USA- PS. Can someone imagine how it will look if
    Palin and Glen be the president and The vice… Just kidding

  12. Duke Feist says:


  13. corncat says:

    @VeganForHealth – WTW? Barry’s been sucking up to those “interests”

  14. Duke Feist says:

    Respond to this video… YOU ARE NO BAMA

  15. Rich G says:

    This country is a mess because of the greedy Republicans and repub-light
    Democrats, and Libertarians who are the “what’s in it for ME” group. All
    you greedy people are the group destroying the United States!

  16. seymourpackers49 says:

    What an idiot Obama is! How did he get into office?

  17. uiluj13 says:

    @BigGift1 are you high?

  18. lthom33 says:

    It’s about time President Obama put those bonafide squirrels in their
    place. He should have said much more about their baseless attacks against
    him. Bush nearly ruined our country, Obama inherits his mess, and he’s then
    made to be the bad guy! It’s not going to work! Americans are no stupid nor

  19. dooooooer says:

    great obama! the best president.

  20. 624787John says:

    @hlwrites YUP!

  21. marshall5band says:

    Anyone , who believes this shit is stupid.

  22. dumboldrats says:

    BO said he’s a mixed breed. BO married a dog. BO howls the praises of Marx
    and Lenin. BO is the one who uses the American public and the constitution
    as his own private fire hydrant. BO is the one who craps over the graves of
    those who founded this great country! BO is the one who made the White
    House into the Dog House. And you don’t want to be treated like a dog? Then
    Barry Soetoro, Barry Obummer, whatever your name is, STOP BEING A DOG and
    we’ll stop calling it as we see it!

  23. BurnSideBlues says:

    They say Im a dog too Iknow how it feels

  24. dooooooer says:

    @BigGift1 nasty racist you smell like a Dog.

  25. MsWanderer1 says:

    When is he going to lean that sometimes it is best just to STFU!!!!

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