Petty Officer Third Class Rodriguez Folding A Shirt, “Navy Style”

What more do you need than some stupid ass patches, and a Horse/Donkey, i don’t know which.
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  1. Dolphinluvr1990 says:

    his launguage is disrespectful to our country

  2. Jessica Vargas says:

    Sooo that how you fold that shit lol thats simple as shit lol

  3. Nickerson571 says:

    You folded it wrong haha. The arms are folded in once more and then folded
    into threes

  4. systemaddictshock says:

    @maliceellie i think he was in the Navy and now in the Army????

  5. TBKSLyCooPeR says:

    4 people fucked it up an had to clean the barracks.

  6. Kamxsmile says:

    He probably couldn’t cut as a sailor.

  7. Elizabeth Pate says:

    I see that he’s in the Navy from him bad mouthing the “stupid fucking
    donkey patch” But what the hell is he doing in an army uniform? I leave in
    a week for boot camp so I’ll probably understand soon but the only
    involvement I know the Navy has is with the marines.

  8. lexusowner says:

    you put it next to the bread?

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