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  1. dmplaura says:

    Bob, I just want to wish you the best of luck with this, and you will be in
    my prayers. I will ask about trileptal (I’ll have to read about it, it may
    be under a different name in Canada). I’m thinking currently of trying
    Nortriptyline first however, since when I was on Amitriptyline, I wasn’t
    having this pain, but Ami (Elavil) caused some wicked side effects.

  2. BrianNelson123 says:

    An MVD is a Microvascular Decompression. It is done through a small
    insertion about the size of a quarter behind the ear. The surgeon then
    separates a blood vessel that has intertwined with the nerve in the brain
    causing significant pain. It is then separated from each other using a
    teflon piece. Sometimes this separation can grow back as the nerves can
    just grow where they want to. Dr. Peter Janetta invented the process about
    30 years ago. Brian Nelson IamFightingCancer dot c.

  3. dmplaura says:

    I have Multiple Sclerosis, but I have been diagnosed following an EMG with
    Trigeminal Neuralgia (by a dental specialist), however I feel mine is
    Atypical as well. Gone when I sleep, wake up, fine for the first few
    minutes, then the pain begins back again. Eventually it gets to a burning
    state. Currently I control with Clonazepam, bad side effects on 2
    anticonvulsants and antidepressants so far.

  4. BrianNelson123 says:

    The INjection is Glycerol to kill the pain. MVD is a Microvascular
    Decompression See my 6 videos on MVD’s . Search for the Words “Dr. Parrish
    MVD” Also see my web MyTrigeminalNeuralgiaStorydot Brian

  5. wwhud says:

    What is an MVD?

  6. BrianNelson123 says:

    Very sorry to hear about your pain. I have been there and it is no fun.
    People often become immune to drugs. I have heard about people who did not
    like the Gamma knife but it works for some. A MVD has been very successful
    for people like Marge in this vieo. AFter 10 years the nerve could grow
    around the MVD so you just don’t know. Be sure to buy the book STRIKING
    WHERE HE IS NOW. BRIAN NELSON 713-467-3025

  7. BrianNelson123 says:

    A Percutaneous Glycerol Rhizotomy is performed under local anesthetic. A
    needle is inserted in the skin beside the mouth, and directed through an
    opening at the base of the skull The chemical glycerol is injected into the
    space surrounding the Gasserion ganglion. This glycerol produces a
    relatively mild injury to the nerve with minimal risk of permanent facial
    numbness. See an MVD brain operation video at MyTrigeminalNeuralgiaStory
    /dot/ com

  8. BrianNelson123 says:

    Bacaga37 I recall being in a plane with TN and it was excrutiating as the
    plane gained altitude. I will pray for you pain relief. ON my return trip I
    increased my medication dose the day before and day of and it helped. Brian
    Nelson 713-467-3025. Houston, TX

  9. BrianNelson123 says:

    The probem with meds is that you can get immune to them and then they don’t
    work like they used. Brian

  10. Lovey K says:

    The old “Brain Freeze”. Brave woman.

  11. BrianNelson123 says:

    Dear KWright, Thanks for your comments Sad your husband had an abscessed
    tooth.. Knowing how painful Trigeminal Neuralgia could be you would more
    appreciative of the lesser pain of a bad tooth. Thousands of TN people
    initially thought it was a bad tooth. They had root canals & teeth removed.
    The pain remained. TN is caused by something.. My TN was a cancerous jaw
    tumor. Took a year to find it was cancer. See my webs NelsonIdeasdot for
    Cancer and Trigeminal Neuralgia. Brian 713-467-3025

  12. bacaba37 says:

    I’ve had teeth pulled thinking it was a badd tooth ,but your right dentist
    need to be aware of this, I’d still have my smile if I would have known of

  13. Bob Detrick says:

    I have been going thru this for about 4 years. I have had 3 teeth pulled
    and 4 root canals. After being diagnosed with Atipical TN I have gone thru
    3 different meds. I am on Triliptal today. It worked great for the last
    year, but the pain is coming back in spades even after an increase in
    dosage (the side effects are getting worse also). Now my doctor is talking
    about the Gamma Knife. I am leaning towards decompression. What way do you
    folks think I should go.

  14. STARBARDD says:

    Thank you Marge, I will pass it on.

  15. flymasterA says:

    From a happy and cured TN sufferer for 3 years via MVD surgery. PLEASE, if
    you suffer TN, get in touch with this surgeon: Dr. Tom Kopitnik, Mountain
    View Hospital & Neurosurgery Casper WY 307-266-4000 VERY reasonable with
    rates and payments.

  16. 000dgtlkttn000 says:

    Tegretol worked for me too! But like you, my liver was suffering and my
    sodium levels dropped suddenly. I’m now on Gabapentin which worked, until I
    tried to lower my dosage, I’m back to square 1 and now back to my full dose
    plus morphine until the Gabapentin hopefully begins to work again. Thank
    you for posting. This is a horrible illness, and I’m so glad for your
    recovery :0) N xx

  17. Anji Suscenko says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us all. I recently had an MVD
    op and am now pain free like you with the same twinges. I was so pleased
    when I heard this because I Know I am not alone. Thank you.

  18. Bob Detrick says:

    Trileptal has had the fewest side effects of all for me, but it still has
    side effects (Brain fog and memory loss).It is also in generic form
    (oxcarbazepine}. After a long talk with my Neurologist I am going to have
    MVD in January. I have high hopes that there is a good chance that this
    will help. Atypical apparently has lower odds of the surgery being
    successful. It’s worth the risk for me. Thanks for everyone’s posts. I
    appreciate it very much. Bob

  19. BrianNelson123 says:

    Anyone needing to talk with Marge Prietz can call her at 804-379-2882.
    Unable to put this in the YOutube description at all. NOt sure why. Brian
    Nelson 713-467-3025.

  20. worldhealth says:

    I suffered from TN for 23 years. I took herbs, tegretol, dilantin,
    gabapentin, even morfin, for years. I had my 4 teeth removed and had an
    alcohol injection done into my jaw. After 23 years of suffering my pain got
    worse, my family doctor made 3 MRI + 2 CT scans of my head, no findings. I
    went to see a chiropractor, specialized for postural correction, after 6
    months of regural visits, I was free of morfin and it took onother year to
    be fully free of pain. My neck was in a very bad shape.

  21. bacaba37 says:

    thank you brian for your post.I went through the gamma knife . it felt
    alright except the drill holes, but the pain came back,since 2000 i had
    surgery of some type once or twice a year, I’m a disabled fire fighter bad
    knees plus a replacement. I’VE ASK MY DR. FOR THE DECOMPRESSION PRCEDURE ,

  22. cvatican says:

    Hi, I have a comment about trigeminal neuralgia. There is a simple solution
    that doctors do not tell patients. The reason for the pain is a blood
    vessel making pressure on the trigeminal nerv back in the neck. A surgical
    procedure will move the bloodvessel or nerve and the pain as been solved.
    It sound simple and it is. Some people has their teeth pulled and
    experience pain does not leave. Just ask a neurolgist about this and he/she
    would probably say yes its true

  23. bfinfinity says:

    Thank you for putting this one up…I have a friend, and older gentleman
    whose life was so hard due to this pain. He cannot shave since the pain is
    so great, but he is a very kind gentle person in spite of his
    sufferings–he is also just outside the Houston area. Once, after I met
    him, I was diagnosed with this, but the doctor (and EMT) was totally wrong,
    mine is due to sinus pain and other causes. None of the meds you mentioned
    worked for me either. Again-Thank you for putting this one up

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