Getting in Navy Standards

the men’s getting in navy standards group can be found by going to this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/gettinginnavystandardsMEN the women’s https://ww…
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  1. Natalie Michelle says:

    What about maybe gaining weight? I’m 90 pounds and 5 ’1…. I kinda hate
    how everything is about losing weight lol

  2. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    you’re welcome! good luck! :)

  3. zumibutton says:

    im leaving 11/11 next month, your vids have helped thankyou(:

  4. Haillee Tribe says:

    I look online but it only shows height for 58′ and up but I’m 5’2 so do you
    know the requirements ?

  5. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    search facebook for ”getting in navy standards” and it should show up :)

  6. Cody Baird says:

    hey. love your videos. i was in the army for a while. my wife just started
    her second week of Boot Camp today and I wanted to know if you have any
    advice that I should give to her. Thanks A lot!

  7. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    ok i think i managed to make it open, i also, hopefully, added a link to
    the description of this vid!

  8. Quickscopefan says:

    Theres a website ive gone to that helpped me get weight standards. has alot
    of navy deppers and even actives. both female and male websites called
    Navydep.com .its a big forum, any question could be answered there and alot
    on there meet people they are going to boot with and such

  9. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    have you been able to find it?

  10. Audry Amato says:

    I joined the group! Anyone else in the group can friend me if they want.
    I’ve made a lot of progress and I’m absolutely open to giving everyone the
    steps and things that I’ve taken. And I think this is a really good idea. :]

  11. Tina Sabala says:

    When i click on the site you gave us it tells me ‘Content not found’ on

  12. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    let her know rtc is not the navy. the fleet is way diff, just stick it out
    and u will see! it’ll get so much better

  13. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    Oh but I am. Andrea Lango

  14. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    i was 26 when i..no.. wait.. how old am i?? i’m 27 i think omg lollll what
    is wrong with me!!!!! i was 26 when i joined i think

  15. Erika Rodriguez says:

    i joined the group, I mean lol

  16. AllY Lopez says:

    How do I join the new fb page forum place???

  17. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    I never finished my bachelors :)

  18. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    i’ve covered this in my A school video! he can do overnights if he is at a
    certain phase. idk what A school he is going to, they are all a bit

  19. kay301 says:

    How old were you when you went in? I want to join and have procrastinated
    on it because I feel like at 24 I’m too old and won’t be able to keep up!

  20. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    there’s one for men and women if you like. i must say, the women’s group is
    a lot more chatty. i wonder why! hee hee

  21. PlasmaSpeedos says:

    i set it to open, thank you, i didn’t realize that would make a diff!

  22. jenny vega says:

    I tried to find you on facebook…but it said “no results” :(

  23. Peaches1024 says:

    How do we get Invited, I cant find the group. If its private it’s not

  24. Erika Rodriguez says:

    i joined :) hey could you talk about the asvab & how that all worked out?

  25. Mathew Calvillo says:

    I can not find your facebook page

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