Minor Stroke 3 – List of Physical Therapy Exercises (Stroke Recovery)

This is my List of PT Exercises that I used to do my HomeWork. Shoot me a message with your email address. I will send a copy. (Hope this helps you recover, …
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  1. Jv Viray says:

    hi jeff viray had an stroke 2yrs ago stil cannnot move my left hand an
    finger hope you can help me what to do

  2. bobot atanacio says:

    Hi! Can i have a copy of the spreadsheet for my stroke mom, my email is
    bobot1122@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

  3. ShaeanneSebache says:

    My email add is anne_3angels@yahoo.com

  4. Front Roow says:

    At first I did a lot of towel squeezing and opened my fingers with my good
    hand. Then I gained enough strength in my fingers to squeeze a rubber ball.
    I also believe that exercising my arm and shoulder improved circulation to
    my fingers. Good Luck. FR.

  5. soowk38 says:

    the tough part is to work on the fingrers and weak hand- i wonder if front
    row can show a video on how this is done

  6. Front Roow says:

    Scottie, I emailed you the spreadsheet´╗┐ … Let me know if you can open it
    OK. Hope it Helps !!

  7. Brian Hastings says:

    Hi ! I,ld love a copy of your spreadsheet if possible. BWHastings6@aol.com
    Many thanks, Brian (Uk)

  8. Front Roow says:

    Heather, I sent you my spreadsheet. If anyone else would like a copy of the
    file, just send me an email at frontroow@gmail.com

  9. Kathleen Connelly Carrico says:

    Nice inspiration for those folks who are particularly attentive to details
    and schedule. Keep a log! Track your Progress! Thanks Jim! Excellent
    routine to keep up daily

  10. Front Roow says:

    Peggy, I emailed you a spreadsheet … Best of Luck !!

  11. z32scottie says:

    Hi, can you e-mail me this? z32scottie@gmail.com Thanks in advance!

  12. Front Roow says:

    Hi Jeff. Firstly you should be seeking professional help (Doctor and/or
    Physical Therapists). If that is not an option, I would be doing shoulder
    shrugs, curls, wrist curls in an effort to re-wire your brain to your left
    side. 3 set of 15 repetitions for a couple of hours per day while listening
    to music. Also put a rolled up towel in your left hand and try to squeeze
    it. Massage your left hand with your right hand. Flex each left finger open
    to prevent the tendons from tightening up. FR.

  13. Front Roow says:

    Joe, I also sent you a copy. Let me know if you can open it OK.

  14. Front Roow says:

    Anne, I emailed you a spreadsheet´╗┐ … Hope it Helps !!

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