What DID happen (to Michael Jackson) on June 25th? Pt 16 “More O2 Press Conf. & N.O.I”

More on the O2 press conference: what was going on? Why the teleprompter? What links can we find? I’m not gaining any profit from my videos. These videos are…


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  1. sharonlynnmc1 says:


  2. ka b says:

    i love your videos but im not sure what errol morris has to do with
    michael, other than the fact that he uses a telepromter, which so does
    everyone else. not quite getting the connection there. so if what you are
    suggesting is true, michael had to think of what he wanted to do and say to
    EVERYONE and then investigate the possible meanings behind them as clues???
    or think of the clues first and then script his life around them??? i like
    most of what you do here but none of this was planned…

  3. 1life1love4all4ever says:

    Michael was pissed. HE agreed to 10 shows. THEY piled another 40 on top of
    it and he couldn’t get out of it. He was pissed and stressed out and
    feeling trapped. I’m sure there were alot of things he didn’t say that he
    really wanted to. He was holding himself back because he had to which I’m
    sure had alot to do with his tone and such Watch the movie Michael Jackson:
    Life Of An Icon. His family and friends talk about the number of dates in
    it and how angry Michael was about it.

  4. samiamnurnot says:

    LunaJo, You give such attention to detail! Your work is excellent, and so
    very appreciated. I personally would like to see you get much more
    recognition for your talent! God bless you!

  5. zdenkkk says:

    Very deep meanings behind it! I think Michael was smart inaf to plan all
    this! And at the same time i think he was not so dump that he was lossing
    control. The love for the world and his children are my greateast hidden
    proof that he is still alive! Wish you all good Luna! Thank you!

  6. musemom2 says:

    Dearest Luna, I love your videos, but think you are going a bit far this
    time in your analogies. I love Michael Jackson, but don’t think that even
    MIchael would compare himself or his death to the crucifixion of Jesus, the
    Son of God. The ties between this man and Errol Morris’ films? I don’t
    think there is anything concrete between them. But, still, I love the
    effort you put forth.

  7. lazuli03 says:

    [cont’d] Is it possible that any minute I may fall under a strange
    influence; especially when I consider the significance & power of the
    ticket sales day on how I behave in more ways than one? BTW, why do I get
    the feeling that those fans got the initial episode of TII, London? Just a
    thought. So much brainwork you put into this production, don’t know how you
    do it. TKU. Blessings.

  8. 4EVERLORNA says:


  9. eugenieareve says:

    I beLIEve & in this belief there are hope & prayers. In world history
    numerous good people have been crucified or murdered. That’s why we must
    make the LOVE growing in our hearts & on the earth to respect Human Dignity
    & eradicate war. However, I think it’s not a good thing to compare Michael
    to Jesus. Michael has borne too much weight on his shoulders. He is not a
    savior. He has given so much to the world. Let’s LOVE him like an
    extraordinary artist & a beautiful human being Love Luna

  10. themichealproject20 says:

    There’s a reason his name is Errol. You’re creeping into the ballpark, but
    not quite inside.

  11. traymon45 says:

    Although your videos are interesting and makes people think, I strongly
    believe that you need to slow down when comparing a human being (although
    very talented) to the Son of God.

  12. believethebest001 says:

    LOVE your videos luna thanks xxxx

  13. MichelleLOVESMJ says:

    The way he said, THIS IS IT made my hair stand up, even at the time, it is
    like he knew that was going to be it and I think he did know. I also think
    he had to hide for safety and I am sooooooo glad he is safe now! I only
    wish I could talk with him.

  14. LunaJo67 says:

    @mj4evrluv I will tell you a bit how I make videos like this: I don’t have
    a plan. It is like a journey: I start of at one point and I will see where
    it leads me. Everything I come across, I will examine and I will mention it
    in my video. SOmetimes it leads to nothing and I will lose it along the
    way. Sometimes it will stick by me and I can use it later. So Errol had
    some connectionpoints, being a moviedirector and his interest in history:
    Maybe MJ knew of this man and his way of filming. Love

  15. lazuli03 says:

    OK, Lunajo, you’ve cleared up part of my confusion re the media conference
    from the previous episode. TKU. I see that the media are not at all prone
    to fanaticism or mob-like tendencies towards celebs.:) So complex was this
    scene, you had me in a virtual maze, making endless twists & turns, till I
    dreamt I cracked a tiny code in my brain by accident. So I now dare to
    begin to rationalize the need for the teleprompter.

  16. jm1lvmj says:

    Great information, LunaJo. I am unsure where you are going, but I am
    interested in finding out. One Love.

  17. designhope says:

    awesome,keep up the good work :D

  18. Oriana Sanchez says:

    wow I’m speechless

  19. AdidasGangster The Gamer says:

    it was not Michael that announced “this is it”

  20. njeane10 says:

    Can’t wait for your next one girl… you do such a great job on both your
    video’s…love watching them… :)

  21. mikejosephjackson7 says:

    This is some National Treasure type shit here…lmgdao No offense
    intended…I love the vid lol Yhu seem so smart. Yhur mind works like mine,
    better than mine with this kinda stuff actually. I look into stuff like
    that. Connecting stuff and deriving details… This just reminded mhe of
    NT…I LOVE tht movie

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