Barack Obama calls Four Point Hotel

Obama calls a hotel to talk about politics but quickly get frustrated because the staff insists on making a reservation.


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  1. EJ Nwankpa says:

    Omg, this isn’t actually Barack Obama, you haters, this is a soundboard

  2. Princeton Jamison says:

    Yes we can!

  3. outlaweda says:

    not sure what you mean. i made this video using windows movie maker

  4. outlaweda says:

    shut up, dirty yankee

  5. Montel Vontavious Porter says:

    You aint my bitch nigga.

  6. poop121 says:

    Obama making these kinds of vulgar marxist phone calls harassing real
    Americans should be a national scandal! Why is the lie-beral media asleep
    at the wheel and not asking questions about this?

  7. TheAXXELLALAN says:

    How did you put the photo on the video??

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