How to Heal a Bulging Disc – Exercises To Do

Here are some stretches and exercises that you can do to help reduce a bulging disc. Do not attempt if you have a ruptured disc that requires surgery; consul…


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  1. hybridman says:

    I stopped watching after the first two exercises, both of which involved
    lumbar spinal FLEXION. Why would you tell people to do that for a posterior
    disc bulge, thats a huge disservice….

  2. Deepak Nanda says:

    i seriously doubt the advice.. guys be careful and do more research before
    accepting the tips in this video..

  3. Propheticfire says:

    Great working..ty

  4. Chasidy Breiter says:

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  5. Daniel Perez says:

    What a coincidence! I was browsing YouTube for information on a bulging
    disk and low and behold the first video was with a doctor with the same
    name as me?? lol
    Great information and very helpful in understanding the condition!

  6. Alec Brimacombe says:

    Excellent and clear advice for LBP. Thanks.

  7. Omar Scruggs says:

    my back is in horrible shape and im waiting on xray results to see if I
    have scoliosis. so ill try these exercises. but whats funny about this vid
    is how he did it in formal clothes to keep it profession vs actually
    wearing workout clothes. found that to be odd and funny

  8. Chris Ontiveros says:

    Flexion excercises for a bulging disc? Should be doing EXTENSIONS

  9. carmelitastella says:

    Is it possible to cure the disc to never bulge again? That’s what I have
    been wondering.

  10. Amanda Lee says:

    couldnt watch after the first exercise…extremely wrong…when i did that
    , it opened up the spaces in my back for my disc to swell out n bulge even

  11. noor naushu says:

    thank you very much for this video. I have been searching for a solution
    for my mom’s disc bulges. she has three bulging discs and her right leg
    pains very often. so can i try these exercises on her? please let me know
    ASAP. She is taking medicines but these give her temporary relief from pain
    and she needs to take those everyday. i just want your opinion whether she
    should be doing these exercises or not. she is in her 50s. .

  12. Thomas Watson says:

    I had a MRI last year in November and it showed that I had a central bulge
    on L3, a Diffused Bulge on L4 and one on L5, with Lumbar sciatica. also
    been diagnosed with DDD.Paralyzing arthritis runs in my family and I am
    scared one day I will wake up and not be able to move and I have 2 kids
    that depend on me. It hurts to bend forward, backward and side to side. I
    am taking 400mg 2x daily of neurontin, 200mg 2x daily of Celebrex, 7.5mg
    Mobic 1x daily, and 5mg 3x daily of flexeril. They helped at first and now
    it’s like taking candy. There are days I rather shoot myself then deal with
    the pain. The numbness and tingling down my legs is awful. I have tried the
    exercises you have showed and it feels like my back is breaking. I am
    waiting on my insurance to approve a new MRI to see how bad it’s gotten,
    cause in the last few months its been worse. I just don’t know how much
    further I can go with this. Is there anything I can do to make it better?

  13. John Miller says:

    DO NOT DO THESE EXERCISES, with the exception of the extension exercises. I
    am a qualified Osteopath who has suffered from sciatica as a result of a
    disc bulging putting pressure on the L5 nerve root so I know what works.
    These exercises will further enlarge the bulge and may cause a full
    prolapse significantly worsening the injury which may result in the need
    for surgery to correct the problem. These are only suitable for facet joint
    irritations NOT disc or sciatic pain. This Doctor does not know the
    fundamentals of anatomy, if he did or had suffered from nerve root pain he
    would not be encouraging you to do them.

  14. FullscreenMarket says:

    “Hey Dr. Dan Perez, I sent you a Google message with a proposition for
    this video. I’d appreciate it if you check it out and get back to me or
    email taskus038@fullscreen.net, thanks!”

  15. Excercise ball says:

    I am 62, diagnos with disc deterioirated and annular disc bulge causing
    lower back pain. I am taking inflamation medicine to reduce pain and seeing
    physiotherapy to improve the condition in past two months. With my back
    condition, it really change my life style, I do the required exercise daily
    but I still feeingl very painful . What else I can do to speed up my

  16. jaseyrae412 says:

    I’m 15 and I have a bulging disc. I have tried physical therapy and heavy
    duty ant inflammitories which are not working. I want to have a discectomy.
    Any ideas on a doctor that would perform one on someone so young?

  17. Jeffray Walden says:

    i’m 31 i had the same as you and it took three weeks in bed then another
    two months to heal while doing physio on myself , research and then more
    research learn your recovery physio

  18. wilwil1992 says:

    Our Disc is a jelly/liquid like… it can be moved easily… while you are
    bending to your left, the vetebrae body has squeeze the disc on the left
    and pushes the disc/fluid to the right, and impinged/press more to your
    nerve (imagine how if you press a baloon and how the fluid would flow to
    opposite site) so, a better exercise for you is to bend towards your right.

  19. t8music says:

    I have 3 lumbar disks bulging to the right (and one anterior bulge in the
    thoracic) but when I bend to the left I’m in pain. Conversely, when I bend
    to the right it reduces my pain. I don’t know why this is.

  20. Barry Chan says:

    you should definitely avoid lumbar flexion with disc pathologies, but in
    saying that the flexion stretches he is showing is still safe to do because
    your discs are not loaded when you’re lying on your back and when your
    lying on your tummy on a ex ball. you particularly want to avoid flexion
    when standing up because your discs are loaded/”compressed” due to gravity

  21. David Larew says:

    Thank you, Dr. Dan!

  22. Sai Krishna Mohan Susarla says:

    Since then i took extreme precautions and did what ever doctor said. he
    suggested some stretching exercises. after 3 months, since May i started
    swimming as well. Now i dont have sciatica pain. Can you tell me when can i
    come back to my normal life style like start playing cricket, volleyball,
    badminton etc. however, this time if i can start i’ll definitely take care
    of bending my back in the sports though. Can you tell me how long will it
    take to the herniated disc to heal or will it heal?

  23. Sai Krishna Mohan Susarla says:

    Hi Dr. Perez, I am 35 yrs and i too have L5S1 disc herniated. I was having
    this pain since 2 years and i thought it was just a pain caused because of
    my physical activities like playing cricket, volleyball, badminton etc.
    However, On December 29th 2012 it got worse and i couldnt even walk. I
    consulted doctor and got MRI scan and it showed that i have herniated disc
    at L5S1 region. Continued in next post

  24. Bill Bob says:

    I thought forward flex was really bad for bulge?

  25. Ramesh K says:

    Hi Dr. Age 41,I have back pain last two years ,and i met the Dr.he is
    advised to take MRI and MRI report say L4-L5 disc was mild diffuse.now i
    do’t have back pain but both knee to foot area were some time burning was
    happen .pl give remedy action . rameshkanniya@gmail.com

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