Marine Corps Strength Training

http://www.trainedtufftv.com/ Marines pack a punch as you’ll see in this video of pushups pull ups and some bodyweight exercises. Always get in a good warm u…


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  1. 418xhad says:

    To people who want to bulk up eventually. Go Google Morsch Muscle Madness
    to find out more.

  2. Eric Brown says:

    That is how Marines do pullups? Damn! I thought I was out of shape! Gee. I
    can do them better than that, and I am fifty years old, and slightly

  3. ShadowXIXI says:

    Ha. That’s cute. We do crossfit for PT. Id love to see you make it through
    a wrestling practice. Nice workout though.

  4. lMIUZiCisMyDRUG says:

    I’d like to see you try one PT with us.

  5. Barney StinsonJNR says:

    Been doing this kinda thing for years… Increases your strength

  6. ashafusha says:

    Ours is much harder then the PT, ive worked out with my recruiters too and
    its easy as pie. One day of wrestling practice and i was drenched in my

  7. 312979drpepperjuggal says:

    my old school had mcjrotc and we pt hardcore

  8. Str8OuttaDaCPT says:

    I wanna try something like this.

  9. ShadowXIXI says:

    Wrestlers have tougher workouts

  10. 312979drpepperjuggal says:

    my miss old school

  11. Jan Barty says:

    It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these other people
    accomplish it so easily with Mega Muscle Method (check it out on Google).

  12. damienscov says:

    Hey they have this type of thing in Kearney, NE as well. Going to start
    working out with marines after football season is done. Hoorah

  13. erick perdomo says:

    the most pull ups ive done is 17…that’s my record

  14. Juan Deere says:

    @Devin Nelson As long as you have a high school diploma and can pass the
    tests, it doesn’t really matter.

  15. Ami Islam says:

    Yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was
    coming. Listen to this one of my friend working in fitness field suggested
    me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. if you are serious go
    for it now bit.ly/15toDFr?=ehxnl

  16. Devin Nelson says:

    I have a chance of joining the Marines this May.What I’ve been wondering
    about is height and weight chart.Do you have to be within the height and
    weight chart or can you be below the required body fat percentage.Or do you
    have to within the weight chart and within the body fat percentage?

  17. adamsjuicedup47 says:

    I have a question, im thinkin boyt joi.ning the marines aabd wonder if u
    get to lift weight in boot camp

  18. rockyiscol2 says:

    na I’ve wrestled for a year and now i am getting ready for boot camp. and
    the training i did in wrestling is not even half as hard as what i do with
    my recruiters i also did track and it was easier than the pt i do right now.

  19. cody dye says:

    Yes you have to…I’m a marine at camp Pendleton and I joined 3 years ago
    and you have to pass the IST and meet the hight and weight requirements
    good luck nelson

  20. jchizek10 says:

    All bodyweight training and running! Lots of pushups and pullups as you see
    in the video. No dumbbells or free weight in the MARINES!

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