AMT/ERTL Deep Space Nine 1/450 Scale U.S.S. Defiant Model Kit Buildup PT 6

From TrekWorks AMT/ERTL Deep Space Nine 1/450 Scale U.S.S. Defiant Buildup PT 6 In this segment of the Defiant build series I now have the paint touch up fin…


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  1. smsno1 says:

    shes a real beauty! looks very “studio model” with all the bold colours
    etc. love it.

  2. TheBigDaddyJay224 says:

    Love the work you have done on the ship. What milliamp rating are you using
    on the 9 volt adapter. I was wondering what your power supply was going to
    be. Getting ideas for future builds. Thanks for sharing.

  3. TrekWorks says:

    That kit is on my list for the near future as well.

  4. razguli2 says:

    Hey man. Video’s are awesome, i really learned a lot. In few days i’m
    getting Voyager, won’t be this awesome since it will be 1st. Also a
    question. Do you have in near future maybe DS9 station to do? Big tnx from

  5. TrekWorks says:

    Thanks bro, by the by, how’d that moving thingy go?

  6. Iluvtrekmodels says:

    Wowsers! She be lookin sweet! I love the painted panels and the decals look
    really good. You always make them look smooth with no edges. How do you do
    that? I do think its needs the more worn look so I want to see what you
    with it. Thanks for doing these videos for us guy. I always can’t wait for
    your next one LOL!

  7. nxxdefiant says:

    Wow fantastic job! Would you ever build one and then sell it?

  8. mhobot says:

    looks “OK”…but no light on the deflector or the impuls engines -.-

  9. Christina Pritchard says:

    I’ve been working on mine too, but too many small windows, and smaller
    drill bits, already gone through three!

  10. TrekWorks says:

    I don’t know but mine is 1313 Mockingbird Lane ;)

  11. Defiant47 says:

    And once it’s weathered, my address is…

  12. darthdevious says:

    Another fantastic job Boyd!

  13. reefman46 says:

    Ok now finally we could work on our DS9 model kit lol is collecting dust in
    my basement and I don’t want to throw it away

  14. TrekWorks says:

    Thank’s Have you started your Constellation build?

  15. TrekWorks says:

    Thanks Man.

  16. TrekWorks says:

    Thanks for asking but I just build for my own collecting at this time. I
    wouldn’t have a clue what to even charge someone for building these. I do
    think that most of the pro built models I’ve seen for sale are overpriced
    though. It’s all fun to me building them. But I guess if it feels more like
    work to build them, maybe you would want to charge more for it.

  17. triskellian says:

    Class act Boyd! Can’t wait to see the weathering job.

  18. TrekWorks says:

    Thank’s This one is a 1400 mah or about 1.1 watt.

  19. trekbuilder1701 says:

    Very nice! Love the different panel colors and the lights.

  20. TrekWorks says:


  21. Marc Fraley says:

    Very nice and cool looking ship!

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