Mastery Martial Arts East Greenwich RI – 2 Free Karate lessons-Call 888-627-8379

ADD, ADHD, Bullying, Confidence, Focus and Concentration for better grades in school. 2 FREE Discovery Lessons – http://www.masteryma.com East Greenwich Mart…
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  1. Michael Rossi says:

    My child has improved so much in this program! Try it out!

  2. Brittany Hebert says:

    Great Video! I want to try it out.

  3. Raymond Berlinsky says:

    Excellent way to improve a child’s focus

  4. masteryma says:

    2 Free Discovery Lessons are a GREAT way to find out if martial arts is
    right for your children! – Call 888-MASTERY

  5. PaulPrks17 says:

    I love Mastery it has helped me and my confidence and I would recommend it
    to everyone!

  6. Taraaalynnee says:

    Fantastic video! More children need Mastery in their lives!

  7. Chelsea Hebert says:

    Mastery is the best family activity to build confidence, discipline and
    have fun!

  8. anthony pezzillo says:

    The kids in the world need my training like this

  9. anthony pezzillo says:


  10. Karina Kaian says:

    Mastery has helped me raise my own Confidence. It’s a GREAT program!

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