WoW Private Server Review – My Top 10 Private Servers

This is my personal top 10 list of servers which I have reviewed in the last 12 months, based on that review at the time! Enjoy :) Thanks guys. Please Subscr…
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  1. djwrox94 says:

    Why do people hack or use private servers, why try to fuck with blizzard,
    why try to rob them and make them look like idiots you ungrateful cunts
    they gave us warcraft and the way you thank them is stabbing them in the

  2. Glen Spellsinger says:

    Join Dalaran Wow3.3.5a, best server I’ve played on so far, scripts are top
    notch, spells and talents fully working, LoS working as it should, 200+
    people on server, I’m posting this because we need more. Trust me it’s the
    best server ever.

  3. Mitt Rmoney says:

    core craft is going to be the best

  4. Chaddy13Qc says:

    The wipe at 80% on magmaw reg at the end is the primary reason I will never
    play on private server. Bunch of people who are not commited to the game
    and doesnt give a fuck about progression makes the game looks pointless.
    Yes for pvp servers, theres at least a point in playing them, but the
    skills rating will never be even close to real wow servers and bgs are
    flooded with bunch of impatient noobs. However, I give much respect to all
    the people who are commited at making those private servers work, I know it
    can be a lot of work.

  5. TrueWowKings says:

    MrGamemasterReviews What kind of Pc do you have or laptop? Please tell me,
    if anyone knows let me know. Thanks :D 

  6. George Mills says:

    hey fag all you do is play private servers u fucking retard go play real
    wow u fag nuts suck a cock

  7. hondac55 says:

    Sooooo much illiteracy in this section. 

  8. supernovabladers says:

    to be honest if we all think that wow is the best game out there then you
    wowers should consider playing pirate 101 and wizard 101

  9. logan dunham says:

    how do i get to these servers?

  10. mightykeatonspec says:

    Man I wish that the gnomes would take back Gnomeregan!

  11. sean casey says:

    My favorite server is eternal. eternal should be here at number 1 spot.
    all other servers are laggy. eternal has great staff, non laggy realms.

  12. Matzkuprod says:

    Awful private servers, from fun realms to molten-wow.

  13. markuss deksnis says:

    MrGamemasterReviews can you do a review on epix wow 1-255 server WTOLK

  14. ShootingStar99x says:

    Its honestly the best one out there with the most balanced pvp and gear
    system out there!

  15. Vladi Mankov says:


  16. yoko kurama says:

    Can someone suggest me a real a realm i can get every item for free on
    Thunderfury etc. I don’t care about population just anthor blizz customer
    that feels cheated and wants a bunch of free stuff lol

  17. CreepyBoii says:

    Heroes wow suck balls

  18. TTF The Moffa says:

    What’s up with the pokémon music everywhere?

  19. Ymirjarr says:

    To all those who are nostalgic about Wrath…There is young private server
    opened, small is it’s current population, but it is the most bug free and
    most retail Wrath as anything can be…When more players come they will
    release progression server from the beginning of wrath.
    Dalaran-WoW, the best retail-like server I’ve played

  20. Fredrik Nordman says:

    Hello everyone! Sign up at Eternal-WoW today and be a part of the best
    private server ever! With over 1500 players online at our 5 realms both
    WoTLK and Cataclysm!
    We have a custom 255 fun-realm, a instant 80 PVP realm!

    Come join the fight today at http://eternal-wow.com/

  21. Jesse Bridgeman says:

    Give Eternal-wow a try if you’re ever bored. 3.3.5 & 4.3.4 Great staff,
    great players, great community, daily events. You might not be able to stop

  22. Mateusz Zimoch says:

    FFS Good People – Molten WoW is by far 1 of the most annoying private
    clients. They get really big amount of donations and yet no good scripting
    ( everything is repaired 666 times and it is still bugged, nothing done
    decently for the first time. To add to the list players damage scale is OF
    BALANCE not to mention skills and talent trees bugged ( especially rogues
    and death knights ). Sorry but for the amount of money they get from
    donations it is being managed poorly.

    Deathwing – Molten WoW

  23. Hakan Gungor says:

    Been watching these type of videos all day, and trying all types of wow
    Gotta admit, out of all the private servers i have tried today, Eternal wow
    beats them all for me. Latency is so low and the player base is pretty
    decent for a private server, if i was you guys, i would it a shot! Add me
    on the Redemption realm Helioze :) 

  24. eggbert snausages says:

    pandashanwow is a very bugged server, quests bugged, guild bugged, guild
    banks super bugged, dungeons bugged, proffessions bugged glyphs bugged,
    hunter pets bugged to max, bugged abilities, and get ready for heavy GM
    abuse:closing tickets, ignoring tickets, bans without fair reason, and
    heaven forbid if you donate, they will take your money and your account
    login can get bugged and they will not fix it. SO, Level up, gear up, pay
    up and then after all the work, get screwed up :D ps. love the lag here.

  25. caseys showalter says:

    what is also a good server is eternal-wow come visit and check out how
    everything works

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