EVGA SR2 XEON Monster Computer Pt 1 of 3

The build of Monster PC for Video editing, consisting of an EVGA SR2 Mother board, 24 GB of DDR3 RAM, 7 Velociraptor Hard drives, and a 1200 watt power suply…
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  1. RadioHamPrepper says:

    I was always curious, what kind of degree is required to work with
    computers and the likes? 73s KD8TAE´╗┐

  2. Forrest Hunter says:

    so what is the secret, or is it over hype? I have seen people with static
    mats, static wristbands etc, I have opened many a towers and changed ram,
    video cards and dvd burners etc, way back when and have never had a
    problem. So is there really a “secret” to it or do I just get lucky? Ha!
    Thanks for the info, interesting.

  3. AllUrUtubeRbelong2me says:

    What are the specs of the PC that you were using to render video that this
    one will replace? Mainly I wanted to know what CPU your old video rendering
    PC had.

  4. No SHTF says:

    It really has everything to do with your area and how dry the climate is.
    the dryer the more static typically… Im in southern CA so its not dry
    here (very often) so I dont worry about it.

  5. CPLBSS88 says:

    im getting ready to build me a NAS…:) i cannot decide if I want to run my
    two laptops as VM’s on it or just leave them stand-alone. I’m leaning
    towards VM on them and running the NAS dual boot with windows 7/linux for
    the server side.

  6. No SHTF says:

    If its got lights, knobs, buttons or an LCD screen…. I can drive it !
    thanks for watching !!!

  7. No SHTF says:

    its in one of the videos I think, but if I recall correctly they are 5660′s
    but I just dont remember. they are 2.4 GHz OC’d to 3..02 ghz

  8. SoulSurvivorX2 says:

    Amazing skill set you have there… ;) c

  9. imPlutia says:

    Can it run minecraft

  10. No SHTF says:

    LOL… thats not fair, you can just run it over!

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