Onedof Turntable Review, $150,000, pt 1 Intro.mp4

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  1. beyondonethousand says:

    Seems simplistic looking for such a jacked up price. 

  2. Alexander Kinghorn says:

    We use to sell at Sound Advice in Coral Gables, /miami,Fl. a Krell
    Turntable that cost 30 grand.

  3. CHIBA280CRV says:

    So your saying that nice turntable plays records better than a simple JA
    MIchell player?

  4. pattric7 says:

    scrach wecords on dat .

  5. AVequipmentReviews says:

    I totally agree.

  6. mrhoffame says:

    You really do have to view these things as works of art that just happen to
    play your records. Beautiful.

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