Inside elco PT Boat at battleship Cove

This is a tour of the inside of the Elco PT Boat at Battleship Cove in Fall River MA. The inside is generally closed to the public.
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  1. warpipe says:

    I got to crawl a round that boat a few times. my uncle “jimmy smith” was a
    pt boat vet

  2. Skytroop says:

    Really different from our Higgins eh?

  3. Brian Baron says:

    Very Good and Thank You! This is the first time I’ve seen the insides of a
    PT. I’m amazed at how much room they had in there and to think they were
    made of wood. Many of them were burned in Manila Bay during WWII. What a
    shame, but you would have to be there to understand.

  4. bxnyfordham says:

    i’ve always wondered what these look like inside. thanks for posting this.

  5. UFO000100 says:

    I’m surprised. It seems almost luxurious compared to what I expected. Not
    sure it would be so great under combat conditions but would make a nice
    private yacht. Thanks for sharing.

  6. fltmap says:

    My Dad was a Corpsman on a PT. He told many fascinating stories of war. RIP

  7. drummer78 says:

    I thought they had that all locked up. I hope they open it again.

  8. MrSignman66 says:

    My Dad was the radarman on PT 518. He shared some D-day stories with me.
    RIP Dad.

  9. divisioneight says:

    Did the actual combat trim of those boats include the teak trim around the
    bulkheads? It almost looked like a typical cruising boat of the day with
    that interior. The galley looked almost the size of a WW-2 sub galley,
    except that fed many more than the crew of a PT. I liked the three round
    teak shelves at the end of the peninsula counter in the galley.

  10. Todd McCuistion says:

    Pretty roomy in there actually.

  11. YellingDingo22 says:

    How did you get inside? Thank You for posting this, by the way. I’m headed
    there in 2 days.

  12. Tom Bux says:

    surprised how roomy it is down there.

  13. ThePaulJay Salerno says:

    This is where my father served. RIP Dad.

  14. privateer177666 says:

    Bayonne was good for something at one time…

  15. TrainKing24 says:

    i thought your not able to go in those boats only battle,destroyer,russian
    ship and lion sub

  16. privateer177666 says:

    Thanx for the video & to all the volunteers that take care of our heritage.
    You folks make it happen. Those that do not learn from history are
    condemned to repeat it. (We could probably learn from the fine
    craftsmanship of the folks @ Elco)……….

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