Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters – “The Deep End – Part 1″ (Promo) – The Hub

When Ray’s memories are stolen by The Choten, the kids travel into the depths of the Water Realm to recover them. With Gargle as their guide, all goes as pla…
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  1. shibumi8 says:

    Guessing the Choten’s still pissed at Ray for wrecking his portal machine,
    grounding his copter and stopping him from doing his schtch. So we finally
    see more of the Water guys.

  2. Brandon Etteldorf says:

    xP But they don’t have a pony channel

  3. TheSilverWolfPup says:

    Me too and I think it will air on 9-29-12 maybe

  4. PwnyPony says:

    watch it and find out

  5. Shivernilla says:

    Can’t wait for new episodes… maybe sometime mid September? Because Into
    the Fire and Shaw’n'Klaw/The Taken are going to rerun for the next two
    weeks… but it will be worth it. I am twenty and I am addicted to this
    show! I :D

  6. cube2station says:

    Sounds like Kingdom Hearts made there way into this show.

  7. Christine Huang says:

    Upload this soon please.

  8. eightfivelude says:

    you will have to duel me for my virginity

  9. Phoenix says:

    Dafuck is this?

  10. CaptainAlliance says:

    I can bet you Brony comments are gonna flood in like crazy. HUB is KNOW for

  11. XxHarounXx says:


  12. Trixie Lulamoon says:

    For the sake of ponies, I must say: Ponies.

  13. Daniel Hernandez says:


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