Drug Addiction. Is it a Disease? FAQ 6

Drug Addiction. Is it a disease? http://drugrehabus.org Drug Addiction, Is it a Disease? In this video I expose the fundamental flaw in the rationale of the …


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  1. Saundra Fish says:

    Drug addiction is SIN. The cure is Jesus Christ. We as humans need
    forgiveness then help from God to turn away from sin and overcome it. Jesus
    has overcome sin by dying on the cross as our due penalty. He was a
    substitution for us because the penalty for sin is death and eternity in
    hell, an eternity without God. But its very easy to cry out to God when
    your deep in addiction…I did. And today I’m drug free thanks to God. He
    has touched me and my life in so many ways. Just tell Him your sorry..

  2. Saundra Fish says:

    For your sins, ask Him to forgive you and invite Him to come live in your
    heart. Then say in Jesus name amen. Sooo easy. Now get a King James Holy
    Bible. Pray and do what the bible says. You are now free to have a personal
    relationship with Jesus. He’s you new best friend. Talk to him everyday
    from the heart. Tell Him how you feel about everything. The best part is
    you can trust in Him. God bless you and see you in heaven. Sandy

  3. Archiesview says:

    No I don’t. In fact no “mental illness’ is caused by bugs and never will be
    seen under a microscope. Yes, you can damage the brain with chemicals/drugs
    which make a person act irrationally but if the brain isn’t damaged by some
    chemical or other drug substance and is in otherwise good physical order
    then a person’s life upsets and difficulties they label as “mental illness”
    come from the mind which has nothing to do with the brain and, like you
    say, will never be seen.

  4. NoneOfMeHaveDID says:

    So, all mental health issues can be seen with a microscope? If we can’t see
    something it means it does not exist? Does the world disappear when we
    close our eyes? Do you really believe some scientists are searching for a
    bug that causes drug addition? There is nothing scientific about this video.

  5. Archiesview says:

    Yes, Patricia, this is correct. It is quite a challenge to get this message
    across because the Drug Pushing medico’s in their “replacement” drug
    program are making so much money keeping addicts on drugs. They don’t care
    one iota about addicts, all they can see is a cash flow machine. A terrible
    state of affairs really with their nonsense about brain imbalalces and
    chemical crap. . Criminal in my opinion.

  6. Archiesview says:

    @ericghorton Addiction is NOT a disease. That is the one thing it
    absolutely not. It is certainly a condition and a state the person is in.
    If it was a disease you could cure it with medication whch is impossible as
    proven by the medical model rehabs whp make this clain to cover there
    constant failures to rehab anybody. Rehabilitation means to return some one
    to a former or better state or condition than they were beforehand.
    Something they simply cannot do. Their failure rate is appalling.

  7. Archiesview says:

    Well, it’s not a matter of, is there any harm in thinking of addiction as a
    disease, it just leads you in the wrong direction. You see, diseases are
    the province of doctors. Medical doctors deal in body malfunctions and
    sickness. The word medical comes from medication which is what they offer
    no matter what your problem is. This means they are limited to prescribing
    drugs. With an addict that is their problem they are already hooked on
    drugs. The last thing they need is more drugs.

  8. Archiesview says:

    @BonnieACharette Thank you Bonnie but watch the video again. Addiction is
    NOT a disease. If it was a disease you would be able to see the disease bug
    under a microscope and it could be treated by medicine. The worst thing you
    can do for an addict is to give then even more drugs. That is their problem
    they are alfready overdosed on drugs. There is no drug that neutralises
    some other drug. What the addict needs is a complete removal of all drugs
    first. Then with a clear body & mind rehab can begin

  9. Claudie Robton says:

    The disease of drug addiction will kill the addict and you must recognize
    that you are not helping her by supporting her on any level with respect to
    her addiction. Treatment is the only answer, and your refusal to support
    her in any other choice is imperative.

  10. Michael Nidea says:

    When a person exhibits symptoms of addiction, there’s probably some type of
    stress to begin with. However, this can vary in intensity. Although
    emotional problems differ from person to person, teenage addicts tend to
    exhibit signs of social anxiety or depression.Some people have a very low
    tolerance for any discomfort and self-medicate using drugs.

  11. Archiesview says:

    The trouble is someone on drugs can’t think straight. When you talk to them
    all you get back is drug talk and how wonderful it all is. They are not
    called mind altering for nothing. The funny part of it is they think it is
    them talking. They don’t know the difference any more. Usually, it is not
    until they are about to go out the bottom that can you get through to them
    about the mess they are in. Even then, it takes a very skilled consultant
    to get them into rehab.

  12. Sam Leoberg says:

    Despite matters of health, and the fact that nobody expects drug addiction
    and alcohol addiction to happen as a result of their use you know that the
    best thing you can do to help them is to get them into a rehab program.

  13. James Kestep says:

    The first step you must take in order to deal with the trouble of drug
    abuse is to look for a good and reliable treatment center. The chief goal
    of these centers is to assist addicts who want to defeat the problem, that
    is, stop the urge and evade it for good. There are a lot of of them around.

  14. Patricia Mmarkhan says:

    However, when it comes to drug addiction, there is more than enough
    evidence that it is not a disease, and is not incurable. People coping with
    someone who has a drug addiction problem should know the truth.

  15. Andrea Button says:

    Alcoholism and drug addiction are two maladies that have severely afflicted
    scores of people across the globe. Now, whether these two should be
    categorized under diseases like cancer or heart disease is a debate that
    seems to rage on and create great controversy.

  16. Archiesview says:

    Most people have problems. Some are fun to solve and keep one interested in
    living. Especially when they beat the odds and end with a nice win. Some
    are much tougher and cause stress if the person can’t get a handle on it.
    It’s when a person is totally stuck for a solution and desperate that they
    can try to deaden the pain with tranquilisers and even get into the
    stronger stuff. We find that in nearly every case, behind the addiction, is
    a problem or situation the person couldn’t resolve.

  17. MrDaryllKing says:

    It’s very difficult for a person to get out of the trap of drug addiction.
    But there are drug rehab centers, which are making the path to a normal
    life much easier for the person involved. Especially the programs you have
    now..Thanks to this video.

  18. Harden Thicke says:

    there are too many holes in the belief that drug addiction is a disease. i
    never EVER believed it was. Anyway, i heard a commercial on the radio which
    made no sense, it goes something like this; a woman loses her job and she
    reaching for drugs…makes no sense to me at all.

  19. Archiesview says:

    My pleasure Daryll. We keeep at it, but there is a lot of nonsense out
    there from the programs that see drug rehab as just another money train.

  20. Archiesview says:

    Go to Amazon Kindle. Put in Drug Rehabilitation. Look for the book titled
    Drug Rehabilitation, How to pick a good drug rehab. The book takes apart
    all the drug rehabs around. Gives a check list of the essential points that
    a drig rehab MUST have if your addicted friend is going to have any hope of
    getting off. BUT more than that if the are going to STAY off. So many fall
    over time and time again. Book tells why.

  21. Archiesview says:

    @BonnieACharette Addiction is NOT a disease. Please watch the video again.
    There is no evidence that it is a disease. It cannot be caught. It is not
    contagous. It is not a virus. The bug that causes it cannot be seen under a
    microscope. The disease theory is a scam put out by the medical model
    rehabs who have yet to rehab anybody. All they do it swap one addictive
    drug for another and make a lot of money keeping the disease nonsense idea

  22. Avery Maxcell says:

    thanks for the better explanation/definition of disease that made us
    cleared.Also the specific symptoms that the key of this part is the
    disorder of structure w/ specific signs..thanks again for this video really

  23. Claudie Robton says:

    Drugs can be both legal and illegal. But irrespective of their legality,
    they are extremely harmful. Therefore, it is always best to stay away from
    drug use and abuse. But for people, who already feel trapped, should join a
    drug rehabilitation program as soon as possible.

  24. Corazon Perez says:

    However, when it comes to drug addiction, there is more than enough
    evidence that it is not a disease, and is not incurable. People coping with
    someone who has a drug addiction problem should know the truth.Real
    treatment doesn’t simply suppress symptoms, it cures the problem. Beware of
    drug addiction treatment that does anything less.

  25. Archiesview says:

    This is true. There are so many drug rehab failures that the word rehab has
    almost lost its meaning. You hear statements like I’ve just been to rehab
    again. Or I have been going back and forth to rehab. What on earth are
    these people saying. They are saying the rehab they went to failed. You
    don’t go to rehab more than once if you are REHABILITATED. You only go back
    if it failed. Rehabilitation, means to return to a former state or
    condition. If that didn’t happen you weren’t rehabilitated.

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