Overseas with a Marine Corsair – 1944

by James T. Sykes Color Movies taken by James T. Sykes, U. S. Marine Corps fighter pilot, in south pacific during World War II. and including 20 year old Wil…
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  1. Tim Ossman NSA-man says:

    Great Stuff! Y’all did one hell of a job and we thank you for that!

  2. Miranda Thomson says:

    It makes me very sad to think that many of your buddies have most likely
    passed away, but quite a few who didn’t survive the war, including the guys
    on the B-24 “Maiden Montana”, and then you nonchalantly mentioned the B-24
    that hit the road grader. They were times that will never come this way
    again. There was an innocence then, even though you guys were in the
    business of killing and death. Amazing times and movies! Once again, thank
    you for your service and God bless you, and America.

  3. Clark Wilson says:

    This is great! Thanks for the unique account of Mr Sikes experiences as a
    USMC Corsair pilot in WWII. My father flew F4U Corsairs fighter planes on
    during WWII with USMC Fighter Squadron VMF-121 and later VMF-122, based on
    the island of Peleliu. The following linkshows pictures are of my Dad, then
    LT Don Wilson, and his FG-1D on Peleliu about August 1945.

  4. Miranda Thomson says:

    These movies are absolutely priceless. I love your commentary too. My dad,
    who passed away in 1989 from cancer, joined the Navy on his 17th birthday,
    November 24th, 1942. He would have loved these movies. Thank you for
    posting, but especially, thank you for your valiant service and God bless

  5. xXChaosNOrderXx says:

    my dads uncle is bill guss at 3:07

  6. Joe Weddington says:

    My Dad was in VMF-212 and was a mechanic on Corsairs his name was Joe
    Weddington, a baseball player.

  7. C Gangnath says:

    This is great! My Dad and Jim Sikes were tent mates in VMF 223 for most of
    this movie. He is the one blowing smoke bubbles in their tent. I have the
    old VHS copy that I have been meaning to covert to DVD, thank you for

  8. Jarosław Brecht says:

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