Elgato Game Capture HD: How to record in game voices and your own voice tutorial (Xbox 360)

Updated Tutorial Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLDcgXvkVcM This is a tutorial on how to record your friends voices and your own voice (i.e. such as co…
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  1. Isaiah Martinez says:

    this isnt really what i needed. i need my in-game audio. not voice overs.
    do you have a video where it picks up your (my) voice in game? or does
    anyone have that video?

  2. xLothiann says:

    I don’t get how they can hear you when your mic is Into your computer?

  3. NoahMacDonald says:

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  5. Teh JumpZy says:

    Does it still record voice even when your t.v volume is off?

  6. Biosaiyan says:

    hears a brilliant idea, just use the commentary feature on the software,
    saves a lot of time and it matches everything that happens but make sure
    your voice isn’t too long or people would be able to hear yours friend or
    whatever, works for me everytime i use it

  7. Bornt Beans says:

    I use a monitor and it doesn’t work any help???

  8. IvanCox says:

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  9. brendan Melon says:

    So if I don’t get audacity I can’t talk? Or only for commentaries

  10. ImJizzles says:

    Her eyes r waaaaay to high

  11. SGT WHALE TAIL says:

    Counting when you do your voice sync is more effective fyi. No worries just
    what works for you, but it seemed like you were reading them to fast even
    before you got to there names, seemed like it would be hard to sync it that

  12. bob mandy says:

    play league pls

  13. miriam djkira says:

    Hey AlyMew are you getting Call Of Duty Ghosts?

  14. cheeseandreading says:

    The audio on my friends mic is so quite can someone help

  15. Charlie Peters says:

    Not as in I speak then it’s delayed on the computer, it is actually going
    Hello,Hello,Hello,Hello when I listen back to it

  16. Jack1095Gaming says:

    Do you put your usb headset into the computer or into the xbox?

  17. Davion Abraham says:

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  18. Charlie Peters says:

    I don’t know why, but my voice is really echoing badly. Help please!!!!

  19. Ninna Smither says:

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  20. Jerald Glover says:

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  21. Scottie Mills says:

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  22. SwagMuffin567 says:

    theres a mic button u can press to start ur computer recording start that
    before u start recording so ur voice records and then it shoud work if you
    have a good computer

  23. TheAlbStar22 says:

    thanks alot im going start a walkthough wuth my friend and now they can
    hear him

  24. Hanasana hansana says:


  25. Leonardo Reed says:

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