Mitsubishi Evo vs British Army part 1 – Top Gear – BBC

Part one of two. Jeremy Clarkson heads to a British Army testing area in Dorset and pits a Mitsubishi Evo against an array of military hardware in an extraor…


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  1. GTAgamesfans says:

    Too bad for that Evo 7.

  2. I Ren says:

    Anyone that heartless who does that to a tuned Evo, especially a 7 that is
    that beautiful deserves to be Hung, Drawn, and Quartered! (T^T)
    Oh! I weep for that Evo. 

  3. Ryan Fletcher says:

    They weren’t real bullets, the show wouldn’t allow it as it is governed by
    very strict health and safety guidelines and half of the time that evo
    would have been a smouldering wreck.

  4. SuperStrump says:

    What season snd series is this 

  5. RAF Hasoony says:

    they should had gave that sexy ass evo, istead of killing it like that :/

  6. FireballGER says:

    Can I have it … plz I built a Cabrio evo XD

  7. Ahmad zakaria says:

    So what would have they lost if they gave this Evo to me and said that it
    was caught and bla bla, i would have got my dreams and nothing changed for
    them :( 

  8. Junior Augusto says:

    My heart is destroyded like EVO

  9. Heyhey Hayley says:

    The ending…I JUST DIED LMAO !!!!

  10. Metalgearmadness says:

    I wish I could have had that car

  11. Cesar Hernandez says:

    Ah man, that hurt to watch…

  12. Mads Kristiansen says:

    That is the coolest evo i’ve ever seen.

  13. Maikel Ramautarsing says:

    noooooooooo. The car =(

  14. HERMAN INTANG says:

    That the evo 7!! My favorite…

  15. Jesse Roth says:

    did he died?

  16. ThePhantomPain says:

    my best beauty action of Top Gear UK edition whole the time and number one
    because of EVO IX :) 

  17. Roberto von Schoettler says:

    I cried at the ending :’(

  18. L4ZYKING says:

    6:25 “Run Away, Run Away!” lol Monty Python humor there

  19. Jaison George says:


  20. MidnightClubin says:

    Did anyone notice the condom at 7:19?

  21. Austin Franze says:

    and it only has 23k miles 

  22. Velja Legenda says:

    The car is dead :( 

  23. Vape Forlife says:

    What year is this evolution?

  24. erek says:


  25. John Harris says:

    comments need to go back to normal

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