Real Mermaid Caught on Camera (Seen on Animal Planet)

Real Mermaid Caught on Camera in Kiryat Yam, Israel. Locals and tourists in the Israeli town of Kiryat Yam have been flocking to the coast in hopes of glimps…
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  1. Maliyah Boone says:

    ,it looks real ..

  2. Sofie Solberg says:

    I believe in mermaids, but I don’t think they r like Ariel ___ 

  3. Marco Chow says:


  4. Timotheus24 says:

    after effects lesson 3: add blurry legendary creature into shaky handy cam

    i’d give this attempt a 5/10 but the obvious camera pan to the buddy ruined
    it. 3/10 overall.

  5. PatiPlayGames says:


  6. thatguyonstage says:

    Bigfoot is way more believable than this shit…

  7. Craig Henry says:

    Don’t you people read the Apocryphal Bible? The Archangel clearly talks
    about houses at the bottom of the ocean, the beings that live there are
    also referred to as water spirits in some cultures. The Book of Enoch also
    talks about the Sirens, which is what the mermaids were called in mythology.

    2Esdras 4:7 (Deuterocanonical Old Testament)
    “Then he said, ‘What If I had asked you how many dwelling places there are
    at the bottom of the sea? How many rivers flow into the waters beneath the
    earth? How many rivers are there above the dome of the sky? Where are the
    exits from the world of the dead? Where are the entrances to Paradise?”

    Book of Enoch 19:1 (Apocryphal Old Testament)

    1 And Uriel said to me: ‘Here shall stand the angels who have connected
    themselves with women, and their spirits assuming many different forms are
    defiling mankind and shall lead them astray into sacrificing to demons as
    gods, (here shall they stand,) till the day of the great judgement in 2
    which they shall be judged till they are made an end of. And the women also
    of the angels who 3 went astray shall become sirens.’ And I, Enoch, alone
    saw the vision, the ends of all things: and no man shall see as I have seen.

    Book of Enoch 96:1 (Apocryphal Old Testament)
    1 Be hopeful, ye righteous; for suddenly shall the sinners perish before
    And ye shall have lordship over them according to your desires.
    2 [And in the day of the tribulation of the sinners,
    Your children shall mount and rise as eagles,
    And higher than the vultures will be your nest,
    And ye shall ascend and enter the crevices of the earth,
    And the clefts of the rock for ever as coneys before the unrighteous,
    And the sirens shall sigh because of you-and weep.]
    3 Wherefore fear not, ye that have suffered;
    For healing shall be your portion,
    And a bright light shall enlighten you,
    And the voice of rest ye shall hear from heaven.
    4 Woe unto you, ye sinners, for your riches make you appear like the
    But your hearts convict you of being sinners,
    And this fact shall be a testimony against you for a memorial of (your)
    evil deeds.

    Angels are eternal spirits, Demons are eternal spirits and you can
    become an eternal spirit through the mystery of Christ!

  8. Andres Harris says:


  9. Nick lind says:

    it’s real!!! how the fuck is that was happen !!!

  10. Andrea Phillips says:

    It’s a fish!

  11. riccard boldarin says:

    Holey fuck lol omg lol :) 

  12. Nicole Saimon says:

    I ‘ve never seen a paulrus that slim before went to see them and the people
    that looked after them said they can’t be that slim

  13. Nicole Saimon says:

    Oh my gosh they EXIST

  14. Matthew Cotterill says:

    Its a paulrus!!!

  15. soundwavsonny says:

    Yeah why they cut the camera off so fast. I would have kept it on at least
    to see if it resurfaced whatever it was. So yeah fake

  16. Ben ngonevongsa says:


  17. ojideagu . says:

    This is as real as Pamela Andersons tits

  18. AnimeCat says:

    whoa… (mind blown)

  19. thatwouldbeillogical says:

    Well I think anything capable of directly showing an understanding of the
    world would be treated as human. But even still there are animal cruelty
    laws and nature preserves because humans don’t view animals as worthless.
    The thing is as a species humans must take care of themselves first and
    others second, otherwise they don’t exist to take care of anything. And
    yes, I’ve played Oddworld games. They’re over the top but, still have a
    good message while being fun which is quite an accomplishment.

  20. manny black says:

    What the

  21. Sara Miranda says:

    And the weasel wrapped chocolate in foil

  22. Paula Purzel says:

    Thats real!!

  23. Elizabeth Morales says:

    if it was a seal it would go slow and I think that it was real

  24. Carla Vermeer says:

    Its fake

  25. LeoStyleeez says:

    looooool the worst actors XD

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