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We’ve been quietly working away in the field of Speech Language Therapy or Speech-Language Pathology. Our clients are predominantly children. Lisps are usual…


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  1. ShinnickDepression says:

    There are many homes where on parent may speak English as a second language
    and the kids have no problems speaking English. See my other comment above.
    It wasn’t that the child had an accent, they spoke their own language. It
    may not help that she is speaking English in New Zealand with a New Zealand
    accent. We have no problems understanding mum. I also deeply appreciate her
    speaking up about a deeply personal challenge for her child. It’s been
    great for other parents. Thanks.

  2. ShinnickDepression says:

    And I’m logged in under my ShinnickDepression Account. :) Same group of
    business just a more specific application. You can check the web for
    shinnickdepression and vivachi in New Zealand. (I must pay more attention)

  3. ShinnickDepression says:

    Hi Johnny, yes the parent had an accent. The other parent didn’t. She had
    no problems with communicating with people here in New Zealand. Her child
    had done something interesting in terms of choosing to run his own
    language. This meant that most people here could not understand him. I
    couldn’t and I specialise in this area. It’s not uncommon around the world
    having a parent where English is a second language. It’s very uncommon to
    get a child doing what this one did. Thanks, Des.


    How can your child speak properly if you can’t even speak yourself
    correctly? I can hardly understand you.

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