Thomas Szasz on America’s Drug Forum pt.1of3

Szasz on Drug Prohibition and America. His the new book, ‘Our Right to Drugs: The case for a Free Market’ is a must read. this is audio only until i get a ne…
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  1. kevinneslund says:

    @OpenComments : I’m confused. I never have and never will align myself with
    Scientology. Sounds like you’ve confused me with someone else. Cheers ~

  2. DontLeaveMeLucile says:

    looks like someone decided to cross process and Xpro the film lol NIIIIICE,
    a lomography inspired news journalist? LOL! GREAT! Seems like he said to
    himself… “Hmm.. the topic of today’s news program is drugs huh? I should
    pop some hits of acid and process the film in the wrong chemicals.” lol

  3. GwydionMapDon says:

    He said marijuana is not a drug; its a plant. Last I heard, the two were
    not mutually exclusive. Cocaine is derived from plants as well. The active
    ingredient, the canabanoids in this case, are IN the plant, just as they
    can be in other drugs.

  4. whiff1962 says:

    Thomas Szasz uses his incisive intellect, and years of clinical experience,
    to give a brilliant analysis of the war on drugs, and the damage it has

  5. OpenComments says:

    @kevinneslund Maybe I had you all wrong, and apologize for that. I thought
    you were a Scientologist, and/or in support of the criminal enterprise of
    Scientology. I have nothing against the beliefs or religion chosen by the
    Scientologists, but I do have something against their separation of
    families, harassment of critics, and global obliteration of psychiatry
    (which would prevent people the right to choose how they treat themselves).

  6. OpenComments says:

    @kevinneslund This has nothing to do with this video. However, you are
    aligning yourself with Scientologists whose money are going toward the
    hiring of private investigators and lawyers used to harass individuals
    practicing their right to free speech. By being affiliated with the Church
    of Scientology, you would also be subject to these abuses. Did you know
    that the Church of Scientology separates families and forces women to have

  7. kevinneslund says:

    @OpenComments : I kindly accept your apology. Actually, I can’t say I
    actually detest their beliefs, since, they are entitled by our constitution
    to them. I too, like yourself, detest their actions and behavior. I rarely
    visit Youtube due to the adolescent bahavior I’ve witnessed on it. I’m not
    entirely certain I understand what you may mean by my being a “magnet” for
    their anti-psychiatry agenda? would you be implying I am attracted to
    Scientology? I’m not “anti” anything — psychiatry included

  8. crypter27 says:

    Dr Szasz is a powerful voice of health freedom.

  9. brigo234 says:

    I love this clip from Thomas Szasz! Thank you so much for posting it.
    Szasz’s words were truly inspiring. Can I obtain his books in enpok form?
    Just wondering. Please email me.

  10. rh001YT says:

    FYI, marijuana does make people stupid. Because there currently are no
    stupidity tests this phenomenon has not been accurately profiled. Many test
    subjects, when high, do underperform on IQ tests. Some say they study
    better when high. That is do to the anxiety reducing factor in weed. If the
    anxiety was reduced another way the studying would go just as well or
    better. those who like the high of weed automaticly praise it – the weed
    itself causes a good valuation of itself via neurochemistry.

  11. loven1004 says:

    The interviewer Randy Page? sounds like an adolescent compared to Szasz.
    Not a skilled interviewer.

  12. OpenComments says:

    @kevinneslund You may think that now, but you are aware that the Citizens
    Commission on Human Rights *IS* Scientology, right? Or that your many
    friends are Scientologists? Granted, there’s nothing wrong with having
    Scientologist friends, but this would imply, at the very least, that you
    are supportive of this criminal organization. You might want to read up on
    Scientology abuses and talk to your friends about them. Please visit
    xenu(.)net – it is focused on Scientology abuses.

  13. whiff1962 says:

    I don’t know how many years Szasz practiced his brand of psychiatry, but he
    did get in some clinical work, an experience that informed his works. I
    suppose he became more academic thereafter.

  14. Baylynx says:

    it is well known that in low doses, Opiates facilitate the ability to work
    long hours with little side effects! You can find this History in more
    depth written in the book by Thomas Szasz, Ceremonial Chemistry. The reason
    behind it was to reduce the competiton presented by Opium-smoking Chinese
    American Laborers of whom were willing to work at 16 hour workday.

  15. daizee106 says:

    Brilliant Gentleman. Thank you for posting

  16. Baylynx says:

    To ichisatori, I don’t think that we are in any disagreement about the
    control of an authoritarian government and a ‘hysterical’ reaction to
    certain substances which is promolugated as a propaganda to help to impose
    upon the rights of the citizens of this state. Regardless, I only refer to
    the History of the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914, of which was heavily
    supported by the American Labor Movement at that time…by labor leader
    Samuel Gompers.

  17. GwydionMapDon says:

    We account for that by calling it what it is: anecdotal evidence. Look that
    term up if you haven’t yet, it may help you one day.

  18. whiff1962 says:

    I would strongly disagree with your “Noam Chomsky” parallel. However, you
    are spot on about his view of the individual in our current socio-political

  19. jazzbobobo says:

    drugs are manufactured, cocaine is manufactured therefore a drug, marijuana
    is not manufactured therefore it is not a drug. Simple, simple simple… O
    MY GOD that was easy to deduce.

  20. ichisatori says:

    thank you. as you can see i run a tight ship and you have proved yourself.
    i consider the response effective in that it points to Gompers and
    generally recuses the legitimate ‘American Labor Movement’ and instead
    points said blame upon one man and not ‘the movement’.

  21. Paul Molyneux says:

    I doubt he’d call his experience ‘clinical’ though I agree with your basic

  22. OpenComments says:

    @kevinneslund I apologize for the comments I have left on the other videos
    as well. I personally don’t detest the beliefs of Scientology – only the
    actions of the organization. Even though you may have no friends who are
    Scientologists, you sure are a magnet for their anti-psychiatry agenda.
    Draziom, for example, is a known Scientology troll that tries to discredit
    us (Anonymous) for protesting the abuses of Scientology. Saw his post on
    your channel, thought you were a Scientologist.

  23. GwydionMapDon says:

    Actually, I don’t mind pot so much. I think it should be legal. But that
    doesn’t mean you aren’t doing a drug if you smoke it; you are. Just like
    alcohol is a drug, and cigarettes, and caffeine. Let’s be honest about what
    we are talking about here, not dodge the term that best applies.

  24. GwydionMapDon says:

    If you get to make up your own definition, how dare you gainsay my
    definition or anyone’s? What gives you the right to enforce your arbitrary
    definition down other people’s throats? You don’t find that to hypocritical
    in the least? Sorry, wrong answer. If you want to keep to your own little
    definition, do so, but keep me and the rest of the thinking world out of
    it. Most of us prefer utility in language, which necessarily means using
    language as if it has some objective meaning.

  25. ichisatori says:

    i will mark you down as ‘friend’. ;-)

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