Cancer – The Forbidden Cures

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massimo_Mazzucco – Maker Please Purchase the Film and share with everyone – http://www.usfilms.ea29.com/ REVIEW BY DAVID BONELLO…
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  1. Lee Soarez says:

    (So far) 200 worthless eaters (who disliked this video) deserve to suffer
    greatly and GO BROKE prior to dying of cancer!

  2. Blackwido88 says:

    This medical malitia is by far the most evil entity to have walked the
    earth EVER. Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, Osama Bin Laden…you
    name it. They simply dwarf the amount of pain and suffering that these
    scumbags caused immeasurablely. I’m actually embarrassed to call myself
    human at this point. 

  3. SoundlessFantasy says:

    I know the cancer cure nut is a hard one to crack, but isn’t it at all
    suspicious that after all these years of research by hundreds if not
    thousands of scientic teams globally, trillions of dollars invested in this
    cause worldwide, high tech employment to speed research and thinking and we
    are still treating cancer patients with the same methods today that were
    used 25 years ago? Methods, needless to say that for the most part are just
    as futile today as they were back then. I like to believe in the inherent
    good of humanity so I don’t want to believe that there is a hidden cure
    already and it’s purposely being kept from us because of monetary

  4. amazingdany says:

    Guys, look for videos here on YT on “LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C”. It’s basically
    vitamin C that more absorbed by the body (up to 70-100%). Many videos
    instructions show you how to make it yourself for pennies! Good luck!

  5. Travis Smith says:

    Learn about the scam AMA

  6. Brian Wilcox says:

    Googles updates are making it hell to back track to find old conversations.
    I can’t find the user that this info was for, so thanks to Google –
    everyone might as well learn about it if you didn’t know already.

  7. Buster9 says:

    this is YOUR Government @ work….and you can thank the Satanic
    Pharmaceutical companies who FORBID anyone finding a cure cause they would
    lose tons of money….cancer is an OLD disease, and yet science hasn’t
    found a cure.??? BS.!!! the fact is there are many cures for cancers
    just research…. 

  8. Jennifer Refinn says:

    Great video for maintaining health. Thank you. :) 

  9. bubulica vasilica says:

    best cure:CANNABIS do research and you will see a plant that cures
    evrything,if you have cancer or ather nasty thing use it and from the first
    day you will fell the change and maybe one day you will say thank you

  10. GeoFisher1966 says:

    In 1967, Hoxsey developed prostate cancer, and his own treatment failed to
    cure it. Because he failed to respond to his eponymous therapy, Hoxsey
    underwent surgery and standard medical treatment.[11] He died seven years
    later, in 1974.

  11. Glen Depke says:

    Love the video! As a Traditional Naturopath I would love to share my
    professional opinion. We are often fighting cancer either conventionally or
    holistically. Often this is looked at as complicated but can often be
    understood very easily. Chronic inflammation causes immune system
    dysregulation. This then leads to the shut down of apoptosis. Apoptosis is
    the system of cellular suicide that does not allow a “broken” cell to
    proliferate. This then allow a “broken” cell to become another, another and
    another. Over time this will be recognized as cancer. So is inflammation
    the issue? No! The triggers for inflammation such as stress, the SAD,
    intolerant foods, infection and/or obesity are truly the issue. Let’s not
    fight cancer, let’s live in harmony with cancer which is what the 2 out of
    3 are doing. Thanks for listening…
    Glen Depke of Depke Wellness

  12. Purple Zambie says:

    Cancer, after all these years, has not been cured. It’s not that we dont
    put enough effort, money, or research into it, which we do, it’s that we
    need to see just how every cancerous cell is alike. We need to know how
    they form, and how we can stop them from forming. Stopping it before it

  13. Rob Heather MacCollum says:

    So these cheap cures work right? Well let’s say they do, it would be
    illegal for any big pharma corporation to take on the venture. Why, well
    since these cures are cheap, and have the potential to cure thousands (or
    millions) and the average cancer patient is worth $300k, vs thousands of
    dollars can you imagine the losses for those corporations…..now why is it
    illegal? Because there are laws in place that force companies to make as
    much money as possible for their shareholders. If they do not follow this
    law, they can and will be sued by their shareholders. A lot of people
    believe that people would be happy if a cure was found, but there a lot of
    people who love their money… So… Money rules… For now!!

  14. Andrew Brunelle says:

    Having had cancer 11 years ago in my brain and having gone through
    radiation at 16, knowing now all the forbidden cures just maddens me to no
    end. I have had many problems since then, some from surgeries I had, and
    some from the radiation therapy. I’ve been in remission for about 10
    years, but I still have many, many lingering side effects, pain, etc. from
    the procedures I endured, not knowing of all these cures that the AMA and
    FDA never allowed to be published. They weren’t even tested, just
    discredited through the corporate-owned media. The people that control the
    world would rather you die of cancer than have a cheap, non-toxic

  15. Ronnie Matrix says:

    There are certain things people can do to prevent certain types of cancer
    such as not smoking and in in some cases watching your diet , but in my
    opinion. whats worse is that people are profiting off cancer , not just
    certain types but all cancer’ whats more even more disturbing the funding
    of money in the pretense of looking for a viable cure” there have been
    remarkable break through s with certain kinds of cancer ; That the USFDA
    just shuts downs , in its place expensive placebo medication is dispense as
    well as radiation(which can cause cancer it self ) and Chemotherapy to
    prolong a life in agony, All for profit. in my opinion;; monetary gains
    should not justify the deaths of 7.7 millions of people each year. world
    wide this according to the CDC .Don’t believe me ‘watch the other video,
    the medical and pharmaceutical industries would plummet the moment a viable
    cure is introduced to the public sadly this will never happen, not here ,
    not ever.

  16. TheUnseenWorlds says:

    Big Pharma provides “treatments” NOT cures as treatments costs millions and
    continues on and on with no end in sight hence an endless money stream
    where as CURES happen once and the money stream stops its really that

  17. A Cur says:

    Spending billions of dollars finding a cure… Instead of educating on the

  18. TOMHBOMB1963 says:

    The regulators are too close to the regulated. Look up rense on artificial

    Go to mercola dot com and look up “FDA revolving door”.

  19. Sinead O'Neill says:

    I’m going to buy a mistletoe tree today…

  20. Dominik Pajor says:

    Their are hundreds of cures but the government wont let it go out

  21. TheMinakins says:

    ‘the war against cancer’ – oh wait, like the war on drugs and terror? no
    wonder we have more and more cancer _;

  22. studentoflife01 says:

    Cancer isn’t genetic it’s metobolic

  23. Green-Surance Financial says:

    Must watch!!! Get the facts and sort through the confusion with the truth!

  24. exploringconsciousness says:

    Soursoup leaves, cbd cannibis extraction, baking soda just a few people
    with cancer should Google. 

  25. TRUMACEDON says:

    The medical association can suck my cock.
    Nothing but prostitutes for their pimp the big pharma.

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