Basic Training in the Army National Guard (Part 1 of 3)

This video can help prepare you for the challenges you’ll face while learning to be a soldier and a leader in the Army National Guard.


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  1. Maggot life says:

    Wait did you say 12 push ups? I can do 90 in 2 min and 80 sit ups in 2 min
    and I can do a 6 min mile? Wtf this will be to easy´╗┐

  2. GunNut4570 says:

    @kungfuslappy I enlisted early under the Split-Option Training program. I
    really like how it worked out. Enlisted January of my Junior year, went to
    basic between junior and Senior year.´╗┐

  3. kungfuslappy says:

    yeah I know what you mean, I can finally do one pullup.

  4. kungfuslappy says:

    awesome, but I thought you need to pass highshcool first.

  5. kungfuslappy says:

    that’s more than some of the guys I know, keep it up!

  6. kungfuslappy says:

    good luck

  7. kungfuslappy says:

    nothing is sexier than a hot chick killing tons of bad guys, it boosts
    morale. JK

  8. Llissel1 says:

    3 pus hups for women? -.^ Did I hear that right?

  9. Kinon Howard says:

    this narrator makes this sound like an 80′s story about some guy’s child
    hood. and he sounds like he’s completely fake. oh well, I’m sure he’s

  10. Kinon Howard says:

    could you do Camp Pendleton’s boot?

  11. Bobby Owens says:

    Dont be a slave to the Mitary Industrial Complex.

  12. Jason Lindberg says:

    You would be very surprised what you need to know how to do. The Army is
    more than just shooting and blowing shit up, if you want to get far and
    gain respect through the ranks you will need to be smart; more so than
    being strong to tell you the truth.

  13. NiCkShinny says:

    if you think this is hard, watch navy seals buds FIRST day.. then watch the
    next 3 weeks.. your body can do anything you push it to

  14. Charles Moloney says:

    Kentucky Army Guard, 17, 5 feet 9 inches tall, 145 pounds, joined in
    december, ship out to Ft Knox for basic in June

  15. Sons_of_Liberty says:

    Wtf are you talking about Mr green beret. I guess your tribe was flinging
    their shit at troops since everyone knows Indians used bow and arrows…
    not to mention they used guns that they got from trade with mountainmen,
    slain soldiers, and Canadian pioneers. Quit trying to glorify your tribe.
    Bow and arrows not to mention slings were used for over five thousand
    years. I bet you tell everyone you’re some apache descendent don’t ya there
    Tatanka Shit.

  16. lordovravens says:


  17. DaxmaPrime says:

    yea you smart off to a drill sergeant im sure that’ll go over real well
    once they get about 6 guy to come yell at you from all direction and you’ll
    be crying for your mommy. im not in the army, yet, but i went to a military
    summer camp back in high school. they wont put up with your rebellious, ask
    nicely bullshit.

  18. bbland52616 says:

    I wish I could join you guys right now

  19. Sons_of_Liberty says:

    Speaking from experience? Or are you speaking from watching that movie with
    Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher? Lol

  20. Sons_of_Liberty says:

    What part of max weight do you not understand

  21. Kianna Reynolds-Thomas says:

    I leave For basic training on November 18th. I’m crazy nervous

  22. Teresa Sandoval says:

    I joined in December I’m leaving to basic training in February. I’m pretty

  23. Dorothy Gaby says:

    those physical requirements are really low, even the guy ones. I have to do
    more than that for hs girls xc.

  24. deamonlasher says:

    that’s funny came here to see how the national guard boot camp is. well
    good for you. I leave the same day as you do but for the Marines. Off to
    San Diego March 18th.

  25. twistedmetalll2 says:

    Phew, this looks challenging. But I turn 17 is a couple of months, and I
    hope I can enlist.

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