Caitlin Beadles Story Of Accident ( Part 1 )

Shares Her Emotional Story of Being Pronounced Dead You may already know Caitlin Beadles as Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend and best friend. Now it’s time to m…
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  1. starla bertrand says:

    this was bout to make me cry………. :( so sad and happy she didnt die

  2. Caitlin Griffin says:

    She’s stunning.

  3. Sharon Ktj says:

    She’s beautiful

  4. Amalie Juul Olesen says:

    Shes not dead

  5. Larisa Anastasi says:

    this is so sad its over finally

  6. sassyfreak143 says:

    awww sad ! :(

  7. thecoolestgirlintown says:

    15 ppl are heartless :(

  8. ExpressAlleigh1121 says:

    omgg!! glad she is better =)

  9. caitlyn duncqan says:


  10. sashakimi31 says:


  11. sophie09jess28 says:

    im so happy your better now, best wishes for the future<3

  12. stacey thompson says:

    My name is Caitlin Greene

  13. 5954ldydi says:

    @teddyismypup Continued… medical bills that are unpaid and of course I
    now have the worst credit in the world. I would say from my experience 98%
    of doctors will not treat you when you have no health insurance. I can not
    afford to purchase health insurance because I still need surgeries
    therefore I have preexisting conditions. I would never wish this upon
    anyone I will never be the same. I try to keep in mind things could have
    been worse & they still can get worse. Hang in there

  14. Emily99Jade says:

    We all know catalin is a strong sporty girl who will pull through (2 years
    late but oh well)

  15. KitkatTV123 says:


  16. JustCatchTheFever says:


  17. Bruce Tsukroff says:

    At least she didn’t die:)

  18. MrsPrettyGirlSwag03 says:

    @twiggy4107 Um Cuz Noone Else Asked ? And I Need To Tell Her Something
    About It Tht ppl Cnt Kno Thx For minding ur Fucking Buisness !

  19. ISacoNYNJ says:

    How did she die

  20. LoveThisCountryGurl1 says:

    i feel so bad for her!):

  21. Miranda Gmach says:

    i wonder what happend to her does anyone know?????

  22. LadiAce15 says:

    im so srry it must be so hard for her and her family ill pray for u and
    your family everyday

  23. kombay1900 says:

    @teddyismypup That does not make your story better or hers better. It is
    her story and you have your own. Don’t talk someone else down because you
    think what you are going through is worse. Appreciate the miracle that she
    survived. Time to grow up Teddy.

  24. dancer4life0013 says:

    @teddyismypup yes she is she has to get alot of mediciene is in alot of
    pain everyday she has a traumatized stomach or stomach cancer :(

  25. Miranda Gmach says:

    @twiggy4107 wtf is ur prob u r the fool if u call me that!!!! bitch

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