“The Secret Life of Bees” Book Review Pt. 1

I review the book, “The Secret Life of Bees.”


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  1. BOOKSOF AUDIO says:

    and the rest of it?

  2. Dylan Loveday says:

    I want peole who have read the book to coment on this :D , The movie is
    coming out for aus october 17, near my birthday so thats fkn bullshit, a
    shit movie playing on my birthday.. great!!!!..

  3. thornewood9 says:

    You should read Twilight and do a review on that. Not THAT would be the
    best review ever.

  4. SpawnofDarkness3 says:

    This book review is awesome!!!

  5. Connor Gordon says:

    lol u are ace and funny

  6. kingcrimson7 says:

    Really good video Continue reviewing

  7. wonderwhix says:

    haha. S.L.O.B., “i dont know why, but omehow it fits…”, haha cracks me up!

  8. proho14 says:

    HAHA she complains because her dad doesn’t let her fuck strange boys! HAHA

  9. Eric Gallant says:

    I like the SLOB bit

  10. leatherjacket1 says:

    you ruined my scarf!!!!

  11. NireLen1901 says:

    Yay! Oh my gosh, you are too hilarious. If you find the time, keep um

  12. Lisa Lo says:

    “i dunno why, but for some reason it fits”!!! XD

  13. FITZY202 says:

    i wanna read it just to see how shit it is lol

  14. wikkxcore says:

    I am completely with you all this stuff makes me laugh HA

  15. Kiniest says:

    I’m reading all these comments about the book. How did this book “suck”?
    Was it not exciting enough for you? This book was REAL. What, so T. Ray
    wasn’t the killer by a surprise plot twist, but putting this book up with
    Twilight? Give me a break. The characters were real, they weren’t bland,
    unlike so many characters I’ve seen. Wake up, people.

  16. GoldDeagle55 says:

    Scarf metaphor is great.

  17. Shennell Brooks says:

    You Are To Funny!

  18. TFOP2007 says:

    What kind of a fucked up book is this? Thanks for the advice of worst book
    ever. this story sounds so corny and you really wanna cry and shit. No one
    in the country is gonna see this piece of crap except sicko’s

  19. TFOP2007 says:

    screw you dick, everyone has his opinion. Not everyone reads gay stuff like

  20. xoxo2121xoxo21 says:

    this book is good and your review sucks

  21. Trameka Harris says:

    your hilarious =]

  22. COMICMAN4 says:

    dude ur awsome XD

  23. totothepuppydog says:


  24. axl1639 says:

    YES! It’s here!

  25. TheKillerCliche says:


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