“For You, And Your Denial” (acoustic) by Yellowcard (May 2011)

Yellowcard stopped by the 99X Studios and the World Of Lewis for a live performance of their song “For You, And Your Denial”! (May 2011) from W.O.L. Ep.07.
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  1. Clay Timothy says:

    @viveleglam no the other one playing guitar is ryan mendez u asshole

  2. viveleglam says:

    @Philsterfable rich chik

  3. viveleglam says:

    @CillyyFan ryan key you dumbass

  4. Claire Schumi says:

    :) )))))))

  5. arker91 says:

    It needs the violin.

  6. pinkythebluebearroxx says:

    such a teaser for their acoustic album!!!

  7. Philsterfable says:

    @arker91 it doesn’t really “need” the violin…. but it wouldn’t be badder
    than know ;-)

  8. Clay Timothy says:

    i met ryan mendez and hes a really cool guy

  9. arker91 says:

    @Philsterfable in my opinion it does need the violin!

  10. myparanormaljourney says:

    @arker91 your right, however, there still the best! Regards

  11. Bob Smith says:

    Ryan sounds great here but this song is not the same with sean not rocking
    the violin.

  12. johancakep says:

    loove them!! :D

  13. Adrian Mendoza says:

    that’s was my first though you stole my comment haha

  14. 006sick says:

    Their guitars’ sound is always Great and Ryan’s voice is always clear,
    gotta love them to death xD

  15. RacoonCH says:

    Guys this version is also good without the violin, go listen to the
    acoustic album version if you want the violin.

  16. Abhijit Roy says:

    For one thing…this is one band that can SING! (unlike some
    singers…**cough** Sabi **cough**)

  17. Wenqi Gao says:

    Where’s Sean Mackin? he totally rocks this song

  18. viveleglam says:

    @pinkythebluebearroxx there is on facebook i believe right ?

  19. Sam Brown says:

    @joycengoh cover?!

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