V for Vendetta – Newsletter Speech

I thought this was a beautiful rant.
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  1. Ernie Varitimos says:

    Hugo Weaving you are not. But great points. One thing though…disclaimers
    don’t protect you from the commission of fraud, contrary to popular belief.

  2. Joel Boone says:

    Spooky mask! Kind of reminds me of the Burger King man who was
    discontinued because he scared too many kids.

  3. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker haven’t had time to look at his site (still don’t).
    Stellaconcepts reported on the Lebed newsletter however and said the stock
    picks are recommended at a certain risk level each, and that tells me it’s
    a prediction to buy (not sell) and a prediction of reward (see the
    stellaconcepts video for details on his assessment)

  4. or97035 says:


  5. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker my priority is calculation and accuracy. Once upon a time I
    did try to assist people to stop being gullible but nothing works. Even
    today someone flat out said to me they’d choose the blue pill, forget that
    red pill nonsense. Well… what can you say to that? I don’t encourage
    anyone to rip off the gullible but I know we can’t stop it. It’s human
    nature for people that like being lied to, to find people that like lying.

  6. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @ACloserLook before attempting to be anyone’s sponsor Lebed should have
    tried to come clean to everyone to declare, without doubt, that he would
    not do anything that in any way appear to be pumping any stocks, and would
    not in any way attempt to mislead people, and I think it would have been a
    good peace offering to say that if any manipulation or fraud was known to
    him, to share it with us all. But, that’s not how it’s playing out. So much
    for that.

  7. connectingdots1 says:

    Holly cow…I never knew I had so many cousins in Australia….lol great
    video! BTW,did you notice davincji’s latest video?…i think he may have
    joined NIA and Lebedbiz!!!

  8. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker I have quite a lot of ideas on this, which we can all enact
    using existing technology, around open-sourced and constant checking on all
    accounting books, manufactured goods for quality and proof of existence,
    money for counter party risks and such, for all publicly open-market
    activity. If it’s open-market it shouldn’t be secret, if it’s secret, it’s
    not open-market. If it’s open-source there’s no centralized control. How’s
    it sound so far?

  9. ytgv3fc7 says:

    I would certainly want investment advice from Goldman Sachs. Mind you, by
    “advice” I mean “source code” and by “Goldman Sachs’ I mean “their specs on
    the NYSE co-located trading platform”. Are you mad about people’s trust and
    tendency to ignore disclaimers & forward looking statements? Does it even
    make sense to be angry about other people’s gullibility? Do you have a plan
    to make people less gullible? I’d like to use it if you’ve got one.

  10. GypsyHustled says:

    @Dollymix001 Lol I agree!

  11. Dollymix001 says:

    lol nothing like a high pitched rant to start off the week

  12. lengthyounarther says:

    I found myself wanted to tunr this off and listen to the 1812 oveture. Dont
    know why.

  13. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker sure, and I can understand that, and I certainly won’t take
    any stock advice from Lebed, nor want him as a sponsor (I need no sponsors,
    I’m crafty enough to do as I need). I also tend not to believe people will
    “get better” though some, somehow, do learn. The problem I’m seeing with
    Lebed being “guilty” is that he really doesn’t sound “guilty” to me, that
    is to say, learning from the market what the market does, and then getting
    slapped down for it, looks like favouritism.

  14. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker I have some bad news. You and I will find our selves some of
    the 0.0001% of honest people in the world faced with a world of moral
    slackers, thieves, paedophiles and corrupt “leaders” and honestly it is
    very fucking depressing. It is for that reason I hope to do all I can to
    discern the patterns and the means. The patterns will inform people and the
    means can be inverted – that is, if I know how the corruption leverages
    itself upward,

  15. DEMCAD says:

    Good summary. lol. I love your style.

  16. ytgv3fc7 says:

    as for what you support or don’t support, let’s start with the opposite
    view. Do you condone anyone claiming they DO have accuracy for a future
    prediction? Or, do you support that no future predictions should be allowed
    at all? At least when I post my numbers I put things like $18.03 average
    absolute error on any given day, or r-squared = 0.9995749 from 12/01/09 to
    04/01/10, so it’s math and one may do their own math to verify. Do you have
    a position on such things?

  17. GypsyHustled says:

    @lengthyounarther Next time I’ll just upload the song by itself :)

  18. GypsyHustled says:

    @singledad0f3 Wow dude must be loaded!

  19. GypsyHustled says:

    @001just4fun Thank You!

  20. SlyToocan says:

    Great vid…….. Say it like it is!

  21. ytgv3fc7 says:

    not a half bad rant & call to the carpet. But I must insist, I haven’t seen
    any BBN video proclaiming Lebed as highly as you say. I do, however, feel
    somewhat as you feel about the sponsorship. I don’t think I’ll ever post
    videos to get sponsors, I intend to share my work/math so people can all do
    whatever I do (predictions from data) and I sure do *not* want Lebed or NIA
    as a sponsor of affiliate. HOWEVER, if I wanted manipulation exposed I
    might think Lebed could assist in the details.Why not

  22. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker I don’t know why anyone would be sent to him. I wouldn’t do
    that. But to me the “fraud” this man did is absolutely spot on with all the
    major market activity favoured by the SEC, by the markets, so it seems
    almost silly to just pick on him. It would be like yelling at a shoplifter
    while someone else is at the counter robbing the register, you know? I’m
    not wasting my time reading his newsletter. Stella checked it out & that’s
    enough for me. I know math, I do my own picks.

  23. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker and I see labour law violations, and I see favouritism like
    crazy, and I see site to site crossing borders a cover-up of billing for
    services not rendered to the main carrier client to cover up the ineptitude
    of of management at these sites for the main company. Well then. Doesn’t
    inspire much for those of us with no debts and some savings to invest in
    the company, does it? Not me. I have learned government is not the only
    source of insane bureaucracy!

  24. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker ok, I’ll agree that spreading lies is wrong, even if someone
    won’t label it or enforce it as illegal. But predictions aren’t “false”,
    forward looking statements are predictions, and lots of people make
    predictions (and get them wrong), simply because there’s little mentality
    of feeling accuracy can be attained or should be sought through
    mathematics, that would be hard work or something. So the truth: was it
    prediction or was it lies?

  25. ytgv3fc7 says:

    @TruthCracker there’s two companies actually. One provides the main labour
    & final payment/payroll, while the other is the cellular carrier for which
    we do the work (outsourced). Happens to be my department is the ONLY ONE
    which actually has been outsourced from the start so none of us can be
    replaced – no one can learn it but from us, there is insufficient
    training/documentation to do such a thing (and they badly want to do so due
    to parity dollars). So what do I see? I see productivity fraud

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