WCB T.V reports on multiple injuries …

WCB T.V First video is on John Berfelo a seriously Injured worker dealing with WorkSafe B.C John suffered multiple injuries when he fell 28ft on to concert. …


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  1. eachtem says:

    Furthermore WCB is crown corp. therefore politicians feel it their place to
    provide jobs through nepotism and cronyism. They feel WCB main purpose is
    to provide cush job to the friends or family. They come first you second.

  2. eachtem says:

    That cop that abused you blongs in the slammer. I have MS and cops have
    jacked me up thinking I’m drunk due to poor balance. Too many cops always
    looking for action to jack some up…

  3. wcbtv says:

    I will contact them next week Thanx for the info.. Peace

  4. BRUCEJUNKER says:

    John, your absolutely right; Worksafe BC is trying to push you to suicide;
    God help anyone severely injured in Canada; Only severely Injured or
    disabled workers, will know how corrupt everyone is in the delivery of
    compensation to SIW’S; In Jan 03, I injured my right shoulder, however due
    to Sask WCB’s, intentional FRAUDULENT negligence in the administration of
    my injury claim, I suffered multiple spinal injuries and further left
    shoulder injury that was + is being DENIED any MEDICAL HELP;

  5. John Berfelo says:

    On September 11/09 I got my decision letter from WCAT, ACCEPTED !!! There
    message was stop screaming 911and I have also won my last 2 reviews. Why
    did I have to fight so hard to get acceptance for my injuries ?? When I
    first started protesting 3 years ago I had 3 injuries accepted on my claim
    Now there are 15, how did they miss 12 major injuries ?? Fight WorkSafe B.C

  6. leppy111 says:

    Alberta WCB are bastards, but BC’s is way fucking worse- I had a small
    accident in Nelson when somebody opened a door in my face, black eyes,
    broken nose, smashed glasses – they would’nt even pay for glasses let alone
    the weeks work I lost waiting for the swelling to go down. shit man , i’m
    sorry. violence is beginning in Alberta people are starting to take things
    into their own hands. there is a byelection in Calgary it is expected the
    first of many PC’s is getting the boot

  7. wcbtv says:

    I have posted a few times now..

  8. wcbtv says:

    Hoping to get another one up soon Chapter SIX Permanent function impairment
    awards and how these policies effect seriuosly injured workers. Peace and
    thanks for all your help edoctoor.

  9. KamikazeKoscki says:

    Agree, I have been fighting this for 7 years and loss everything, and I had
    to sell my car, paid $55,000 and had to get rid of it for $6,000, to pay
    for a legal malpractice lawyer. paid $50,000 for an appeal for personal
    injury case and now appeal a second time in “Pro Per”, loss my home, 401k,
    health and everything. Strength Numbers! The gov. is diverting money from
    workers compensation, disability, social security, vet funds, the doctors,
    lawyers & judges are all enchoots.

  10. TheMrCannabis says:

    your vid looks great big guy, your info and proof is perfect and well
    timed,you show just how bad our system is in canada,I know this vid will
    turn heads and open eyes,..Very well done

  11. Downedworker says:

    John’s situation isn’t all that strange. From what I understand, many of us
    did the same as him. I never looked after my files, or recorded any of the
    results of phone calls or letters. Then I went through a long blank
    (drugged) time, when I really don’t know what I did. Seeing my file,
    finally, was shocked at what had been going on. Its stupid. Trying to
    pretend nothing happened, and nothing changed was the stupidest thing I
    have ever done. And now….??

  12. leppy111 says:

    These medical consultant really work you over – they are dishonest and in
    receipt of payola from the WCBs – If your rep has been trashed by these
    quacks, you have to go to RATEMDS and make a comment, over the last year,
    dozens of these charletans have had their Proffessional reputation thrashed
    by dozens of WCB clients, they fear having their credentials slammed-
    because they will never be able to get a client outside their WCB gravy

  13. darcy32171 says:

    Hey, did you phone the Merchant Law group in Regina? I just did and the
    lawyer is suppose to return my call. As of now, WCB is threatning to cut me
    off if I don`t go to school for a different career since I can`t go back to
    what I loved to do. This is twice now that the physios who are run by WCB,
    has screwed my knee with their physio tactics and here I sit to be blamed
    and threatened….I just don`t understand???

  14. wcbtv says:

    Good to be able to offer some assistance Jason It helps me when helping
    others when dealing with Worksafe B.C policies and rules. Once you get hurt
    its a whole different set of rules that need to be followed in order to get
    proper diagnosis and help with your injuries

  15. darcy32171 says:

    WCBTV, why don`t you get ahold of Tony Merchant of Merchant Law Group from
    Regina Sask, they take on all big cases and with all your documents, he
    would fight like heck and get every penny coming to you. The good thing, he
    doesn`t cost a dime only if he wins and he always does. He was the lawyer
    who fought the tobacco companies and won! I`ve been thinking of getting him
    to fight WCB in Saskatchewan.

  16. wcbtv says:

    WCB, WorkSafe B.C it’s all the same, they try and screw everyone makes no
    difference it’s all about money and the Government supports it ! Fight
    Worksafe B.C

  17. canadastreetmedia says:

    THE WCB in British Columbia? My Experience’s under The WCB Policy is That
    The Agents LIE CHEAT & FRAUD. The WCB Brochures are Full Of Bullshit ! Its
    sales: Really Fraudulant Advertising. The WCB Contracted-OUT Mc-re-hab
    Services Clinics GETS PAID OUT FOR FRAUDULANT REPORTS. The 3rd party
    Patients (you) do not get copies .The WCB is the paying client ! The WCB
    INSURANCE POLICY Helps protect Employers from Getting Sued ! Limiting
    Liability Paid to Injured Workers! Tortured & Abused

  18. sweethotcandy29 says:

    I feel your pain. I have bulging disc on L3,4,5 & S1, Si joint pain all on
    my left side. I also recently had an knee allograft from a donor on my left
    knee. WC says I can go back to work and gave instructions for me to stand
    every 15 minutes to alleviate back pain.

  19. WCBvictim says:

    Lucky for you John, I was severely injured due to my claims adjudicator who
    purposely denied me my physicians requests and warnings. My complaints to
    Sk, Premier, Justice Minister’s, WCB Ministers, Canadian Justice Minister
    Rob Nicholson, Human Rights, all denied any investigation into the
    FRAUDULENT CLAIMS ADMINISTRATION that was used to purposely cripple me. OHS
    was informed about WCB sending me back to work driving a semi-truck on
    Oxycontin / Morphine / Muscle relaxants, and they DON’T CARE;

  20. wcbtv says:

    Too true, wondering why I am getting know where with the public and media.
    Fight Worksafe B.C..

  21. wcbtv says:

    Injured workers need to stand and fight for there rights !! We pay for
    insurance why do we have to FIGHT IF WE GET HURT !!!! If you have been hurt
    on the job and are fighting to get compensation for your injuries and feel
    like they are out to get you.. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!! WorkSafe B.C, WCB
    treats all injured workers the same.. LIKE CRIMINALS !!!! Help EXPOSE THE

  22. wcbtv says:

    You seem to be pretty smart kid Just go with that. Peace

  23. ScarlettKnights says:

    yuck………. how unfair!

  24. JahKarr says:

    I was a structural ironworker No more all because a Moron Surgeon whom said
    to me ” Ahhh 6 weeks you`ll be back to work ” that was almost 5 yrs ago! Ok
    I got retrained and now I have carpal tunnel both hands a trigger finger R
    hand. The Medcial advisor says they are reviewing my case cause my carpal
    tunnel is caused by : My being a bit over weight, A slight depressive
    disorder induced by WCB,and I smoke.Apparently thats their reason for
    reviewing my case. Assholes the lot of them!

  25. Jokertattooo says:

    One word. Theft.

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