Book Review Pt.3- Black and Indigenous American Romance Novels

Part III Under His Spell (Siren Publishing Classic)- Davis, Liz Nights of Desire (Long Line of Love, Book One)- Lee, Marilyn Love Out Loud (Long Line of Love…
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  1. Deiva PinkRose says:

    Sorry for the typos its very late my eyes are tired lol

  2. Black&IndigenousAmerican says:

    Heheheheh…..I’ve missed out on some beauty sleep a few times…all caught
    up in a juicy book. :-) One book, I did not put it down until I
    finished….12 hours later.

  3. Black&IndigenousAmerican says:

    @perfectochico Aww, thanks! :-)

  4. Deiva PinkRose says:

    I will be doing a book review on all of the novels Ive read since the year
    has been in. when Im not working, taking care of my children, or spending
    qt with my husband my nose has been in my nook or a paperback book lol. And
    hey Im like u once I start if its good Ill miss out on sleep just to finish
    lol Girl I be at work beautifying my clients tired and all but Hey I love
    my job, makeup and reading :-)

  5. Deiva PinkRose says:

    Girrrrrrl I am a new subbie I was here on YT trying to find out how many
    others were out here who enjoyed Aliyah Burke novels or the quote Native
    American or interracial romance. I stumble across her books on my nook hd
    and I just fell head over heels. Ive been an avid read sunce my teens and
    Ive always lve always been infatuated with love as well as culture. So Im
    was so ecstatic to come acros your channel seeing that their are other
    young women such as myself who share the same views

  6. perfectochico says:

    I love your videos!!

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