Increasing Mind and Body Health through Manual Therapy

Google Tech Talk June 26, 2013 (more info below) ABSTRACT This 60 min. guest lecture covers some of the basic theories and ideas of advanced manual therapies…


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  1. Paul Davies says:

    Disastrous lecture, what are the questions at the end he could have
    repeated them.

  2. BulbasaurLeaves says:

    This is supposed to be a Tech Talk? I was expecting technical details about
    how manual therapy affects the biochemistry of muscle and fascia. Instead,
    all he did was make vague general statements that the body is
    interconnected and that fascia is important. Also, that demonstration with
    the finger cot was a complete placebo effect. His suggestions about what
    the participants were supposed to feel would completely overwhelm any
    subtle posture changes caused by minor discomfort of one finger. He could
    have at least asked the participents what they felt before making
    statements that would obviously influence their responses. Of course, then
    there would be no guarantee he’d get the answer he expects.

  3. Nazmul Idris says:

    #awesomeness #health 

  4. Pamela Joy says:

    A good demonstration of how seemingly unconnected things can actually be
    directly connected in the body. Thank you.

  5. Kajetan Abt says:

    50 minutes about the placebo effect disguised with impressive words.

  6. Erin Riley says:

    Great presentation! Liked the explanation of how the area of restriction
    links to the area of symptoms.

  7. Tonjooo says:

    Nope, not jus placebo. I had trouble with my back years ago, two sessions
    at a manual therapeut (who was also a real doctor) and no problems since!

  8. Tom Cox says:

    I thought it was a good explanation of fascia and various modality
    techniques. Easy to follow and well presented.

  9. Scott Douglas says:

    Eric’s talk does NOT begin at the ten minute mark, he’s speaking three
    minutes into the video. Bringing impatience to a lecture is a poor strategy
    for learning.

  10. Orli Himmelweit says:

    Yes, it seems a bit dry but Fascia connects all parts of your body

  11. BarryA says:

    Starts around the 10:00 minute mark.

  12. Tonjooo says:

    Oh, man, that was irreversibly boring… Could have been better with case

  13. John Doe says:

    so how does that prove it’s not placebo?

  14. Jarco Grond says:

    At which point does the tech talk start?

  15. lennyhome says:

    I do my “Manual Therapy” thing every day and I suggest everybody do the
    same. I have to admit that the advent of Google has improved the quality
    and duration of my “Manual Therapy” sessions a lot and I haven’t had issues
    with pages glued together in magazines since then.

  16. Hayley-Ann Lott says:

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