Killing a Toyota Part 3 – Top Gear series 3 – BBC

James sets about putting the Toyota to a final destructive test on this amazing clip of BBC’s Top Gear. Subscribe here – http://www.youtube.com/subscription_…
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  1. Leda Ferreira says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song? Please?

  2. Umtb2 says:


  3. Lalune350z says:

    I can destroy it in 10 minutes if you give me that tractor.

  4. Hidargo says:

    1:16 name song please :-)

  5. Hidargo says:

    Thank you man :-)

  6. Jason E. Lee says:

    *Top ten reasons Top Gear UK is my favorite show, or all time! #1*

  7. John Pohl says:
  8. Willian Duong says:

    One does not SIMPLY kill a Toyota, but if you need to, here are some
    examples that FAILED in the past. Credit to Topgear BBC for this! Part 3

  9. Lloyd Fellon says:
  10. Michael L says:

    it actually doesnt does that much damage since the toyota wasn’t parked at
    the bottom of the building. but still, normally it would kill anything but
    a nokia

  11. ZeroXSI says:

    How many beers will it take to make the 240p go away?

  12. dionysos46 says:

    His name is Christian, the Christine’s husband. ^^

  13. Hostile Goose says:

    I know what i’m getting for the zombie apocalypse!

  14. jose gil says:

    they got it in the museum, go in buy it,-

  15. mouth2112 says:

    I ‘m sorry ,I am not good at writing English . This is the quality of the
    LC70. It is still produced . Unfortunately , Internet lead to developed
    countries , except for Australia are not exported.(exh gas & crash test) In
    the Arab and Africa , is also popular from the anti-establishment forces
    from the security forces . I thing that is a little sad . I would not know
    the person who has been riding full-size pickup or Hammer in the United
    States · · · ·

  16. bryce995 says:

    i would buy that truck just for the sake that it still runs!

  17. Soonjai says:

    I know what car I will buy next.

  18. zackattatck says:

    i think that roll bar on the back kept it safe.

  19. radiokaizo says:


  20. DSFARGEG00 says:

    What year Hilux is that?

  21. diego sandoval says:

    toyota is still a piece shit in all of these videos they have to fix it
    every single time they may not be placing new parts but they always have to
    fix it

  22. thatcoolG says:

    man wonder what insurance would be like on this :o

  23. gamer3400 says:

    did you seriously didn’t know that?

  24. morbalyses says:

    a nokia?

  25. thecheesburgler says:

    Big cock we meet again?

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