ProBoat PT109 Boat. Including onboard cam from chase barge

Thanks to Stolioni, Spartan King for the use of his HD Hero Stormin69 had out his ProBoat PT109 so we got some footage from the shore and also from my Ducted…
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  1. BugsBenny07011 says:

    nice video editing job!!!

  2. beverke7 says:

    Great job again Ronin, love the slo mo part starting at around 1:56, that
    PT109 moves pretty good, wonder wat double brushless motor setup would do

  3. Ronin's RCFreehold says:

    @kangsterizer thanks a lot, cool scale warship

  4. shbib says:

    That’s a handsome boat and nicely shot. Particularly like the slowmo around
    2:00. More cowbell!

  5. Mark Boettcher says:

    “….Black-Dagger…no sign of Charlie over….”

  6. RoninsRCRacing says:

    @startazz thanks man, this was fun to make, little late in the day, but a
    summer day we’ll do a 2nd video, and I just now thought about using one of
    the seaplanes as a camera ship, over the PT boat and whatever else we get
    out that day LOL That will look awesome. Barge will be out there for rescue
    and special ops, like some rocket launches I think :-D

  7. dannybobelwyn says:

    Right on Ronin! Really neat slow action frames.

  8. PatBALEX says:

    Nice video… The slow-motion shows how graceful those PT boats were….I
    still have an old Limburg PT in the basement…

  9. kangsterizer says:

    nice shots, as always

  10. Ronin's RCFreehold says:

    @marinjeam very cool. we’ve got to get the sub out with this, and maybe
    more scale boats one day.

  11. Ronin's RCFreehold says:

    @felarfurlong thanks a lot for watching

  12. Ronin's RCFreehold says:

    @spektrum33 Torpedoes are not totally out of the question, estes rocket
    engine, couple fins lol good idea, thanks

  13. Bing80 says:

    Great video and excellent SloMo! What camera did you use to get the nice
    slomo? Oh, and I think you could’ve used more cowbell ;)

  14. Jean Marin says:

    This one I like very much. That boat was my first RC model I build from a
    wooden kit being a 14 year old. a Year later the famous movie “Apocalypse
    Now” came out and I converted it into that river barch….I feld like
    Martin Sheen myself. Still got the boat.

  15. Alan Bycroft says:

    Man, you guys use the slo-mo better than anybody else on YT. Great stuff.

  16. edmari440 says:

    @warderseeker NIce!… What tools are you using for editing?

  17. edmari440 says:

    Nice hero shot at 2:00!

  18. edmari440 says:

    @warderseeker Cool… I’m still a noob beating the crap out of my SR120 &
    UltraMicro P-51, and I spend a lot of time on my RealFlight Sim and
    watching YT vids. I can’t wait to combine my skills as a
    videographer/photographer with this new hobby. Your videos are an
    inspiration of visual arts, aerial skills and passion. Keep ‘em comin’

  19. Flying Fish RC says:

    What a great boat! Have been thinking about RC scale warships after seeing
    some other vids, but this vid is awesome. Great shots from the barge,
    especially the slow mo shots, looks VERY scale and real. (Just need a
    couple of scale sailers on it and she is build!) Great job man. (AGAIN …
    awesome tune! Kicking it back to just after the nam era!)

  20. Ronin's RCFreehold says:

    @BugsBenny07011 thanks a lot, more great HD stuff every week

  21. Ronin's RCFreehold says:

    @shbib thanks for watching, looking forward to filming this with some other

  22. Carlos Rivera says:


  23. RoninsRCRacing says:

    @PatBALEX very cool. Get her out there this summer, scale ships on a glass
    lake just awesome

  24. spektrum33 says:

    @warderseeker Great for blowing that ruddy duck out of the water ?{+_+}

  25. startazz says:

    That has to be one of my favourite videos man and i’m not all that into the
    boats (yet) but the video work and editing plus music was all bang on
    Ronin,not for getting the great control Stormin69 had with the PT-109 plus
    you with the barge = thumbs up.

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