Ruger Scout rifle-308–Leupold scout scope,with good iron muzzle brake.

Rugers new scout rifle taking out propane tank with leupold scout scope.
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  1. DEROCK72 says:

    @Roberthurz thanks for the comment..i will be selling this rifle soon..i
    have found its not my cup of tea..

  2. Billin McGrumble says:

    Where did you get that iron muzzle break again man?? muzzle brakes can make
    a huge performance difference in the gun barrel thats why I ask

  3. pinhead1304 says:

    would you not just buy a left handed model keeping your finger in the
    trigger guard while reloading is pretty dangerous.

  4. Ivan Romero says:

    deadly?? of course! it´s a .308!! not a .22

  5. BigBoy949 says:

    whats the muzzle brake you have on there??

  6. fmonk says:

    Nice shootin’

  7. DEROCK72 says:

    @dvdshirley good iron muzzle brake

  8. Paul JH says:

    Nice rifle and shooting…do you think that this rifle is accurate enough
    for informal target shooting at up to 600 yards? The last .308 that I owned
    for this purpose was a Winchester Model 70 Stealth 11,this rifle was a tack
    driver,could the Ruger get close to it?

  9. DEROCK72 says:

    muzzle brake on the barrel,and the scope is awesome..i was losing interest
    in this rifle til i made these changes..now i love it.

  10. austinb42 says:

    the brand is Smith Enterprises the model is Good Iron..

  11. DEROCK72 says:

    @seeinstars00 yes,i love these rings,cause i love the sites on this
    rifle..the sights are weaver.pretty good quality..at bass pro shops..1`

  12. DEROCK72 says:

    sorry,but im not sure..i no longer have them

  13. Mike R says:

    What rings are those? I’m getting that same scope and was planning the qd
    leupold rings until I saw your video. I might like the idea of the quick
    peep underneath the rings. Are you happy with them?

  14. jerry bonilla says:

    @DEROCK72 dude where did you buy that muzzle breaker at? i might get it for
    my rifle. and for how much are you planning to sell the rifle for?

  15. efoxneo says:

    That deadly test also demonstrated a bit on camouflage. The muzzle break
    hid a lot of the report from the rifle and your simple solid colours hid
    you pretty well.

  16. lukezechman says:

    Does the high scope rings effect your cheek weld when using the scope? I
    had thought of doing this to the RGSR that I am waiting to get, but wasn’t
    sure if it would set the scope to high for a solid cheek weld…

  17. smoothmovez says:

    Bummer for the lefty

  18. DEROCK72 says:


  19. DEROCK72 says:

    @Roberthurz yes,i found that when compared to my mini-14 theres no
    comparison….i love the 308 round,but this rifle has not hit with
    consistant accuracy like the 14.i am a long range shooter,and this rifle
    seems to lose it after 300yrds.

  20. 661cwb says:

    That’s because it’s a scout rifle that’s why it’s got a 16.5 Inch barrel I
    bought 1 and I love it and am not disappointed in it at all.

  21. DeltaTangent says:

    What exact model are the scope mounts?

  22. DEROCK72 says:

    well???i have sold this rifle..it just didnt live up to my
    expectations..the scout scope was very nice..i found with open sites it was
    most accurate…over all this rifle was an expensive let down..i wanted to
    try a red dot,but never got to it..

  23. 2008superduke says:

    BTW they sell a lefty now… Nice video!

  24. DEROCK72 says:

    @dvdshirley yes,i chose these scope rings so i can still use the open sites
    if needed

  25. DEROCK72 says:

    aaaaaaa”good iron”

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