How to Install an Aftermarket Backup Camera

Hindsight is 20/20, so for a perfect view of what’s behind you, Popular Mechanics associate auto editor Ben Wojdyla shows you how to: * Select the right wiri…
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  1. Danhtran1122 says:

    Very nice, thanks for the instruction video.

  2. Stanky Leg says:

    8======D \(‘)//

  3. Anton Sichkar says:

    how did he manage to put the licence plate light back in that hole after he
    pulled that thick camera wire through it.

  4. Geoffren Hernandez says:

    b better to be on at all times

  5. VISHWAS16519 says:

    I need to know more in details on the connections for the power you draw
    for the license plate camera and the mirror screen. Could you please put
    those in details. Thank you.

  6. Neil Cross says:

    instead of running the power for mirror down A pillar cant you just go
    short distance up to dome light or the temp/compass display

  7. batxonghip258 says:

    Can you clarify the part when you want to connect the mirror power
    permanently. Like does you cost a lot of car’s power source? and which to
    connect it to again?

  8. daycounter321 says:

    The Pyle back up camera stopped working great

  9. cristian simpson says:

    because you connect the power of the camera to the reverse ligth, so if you
    put the reverse the ligths and the camera turn on.

  10. Luqmaan Joseph says:

    how does the camera know when you are in reverse??

  11. Ramcharitar Ramoutar says:

    If you are not getting a respond from from your camera . What could be the
    caused? It was working before then stop. the wireless pickup from cameras
    outside but not from the one install in the care

  12. Christopher C. says:

    A backup system can be added to any car.

  13. Angelo Gagliano says:

    Classy video, Ben. Clean and neat. Thanks. Is it just as easy to install a
    WIRED system?

  14. Car and Driver Magazine says:

    Come on, what good is an electronics project unless you take everything
    apart at least four times? – Ben Wojdyla

  15. turbotrauma says:

    Dude… why show how to install a WIRELESS system with bolt on mirror? This
    is not difficult enough for a DIY video :(

  16. Car and Driver Magazine says:

    This kit was the Peak Automotive PKC0RG. There are tons of them on the
    market right now, so shop around for something you like. I saw one online
    the other day that had a full-width screen behind the mirror. -Ben Wojdyla

  17. tizzee11 says:

    for the negative wire from the camera do you ground that or connect it to
    the other wire of the reverse light?

  18. Elian Galvez says:

    were did you get the camera

  19. MrMustang210 says:

    Interested all the way up to the part where you put that fat thing OVER the
    mirror. Looks bad

  20. Illmatic662 says:

    Wonderful video Ben, I hope to see more from you in the future!

  21. Car and Driver Magazine says:

    Unfortunately the best ground for this car was inaccessible to cameras,
    regardless, finding a ground is the easiest part of a wiring project. The
    dash support is always a metal structure riddled with holes and bolts with
    various electronics components already grounds to it. All you have to do is
    find spot where wiring is bolted to metal and tie in with a similar
    connector. – Ben Wojdyla

  22. Mathew Sterling says:

    What brand and model is that?

  23. dui dang says:

    What the name of camera.

  24. TheAnangelfrmnj says:

    I have a Pyle back up camera it was working great but now the screen is
    blue when I turn car on. Any idea what may have happened.

  25. ElectricJellyDonut says:

    Can this be installed on a older truck? Like a 1985 Nissan Pick Up?

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