Lancaster Tamiya 1/48 Scale – Model Build

Sorry for the lousy pics, this was a couple years back and I didn’t know how to use my new camera yet. This was a 6 month ordeal to say the least, Tamiya nee…
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  1. thetobin8or says:

    That prop blur effect is cool ,I haven’t seen that one! Great job. maybe a
    video on …well you know……. PROP BLURRRRRR… lol..

  2. ian8354 says:


  3. Hamilkar Barkas says:

    i started the same kit several months ago but i havn´t finished it
    yet…the assembly of this kit is so tedious. your lanc is perfect! there
    is nothing you could do better.

  4. Nolan Maisey says:

    Canadian engineering at its finest

  5. vilzku39 says:

    Error finding propblur bage

  6. Thomas X says:

    Fantastic build, and the photographs where spot on to be honest the work
    really shows, and i thought the figures looked great.

  7. Dave in the Shed says:

    Thanks Chris!

  8. Dave in the Shed says:

    @wolf6500 thanks!

  9. my94holden says:

    i built this same model and it was great until my house got broken into and
    the dick heads smashed it up i was more pissed of about that then my house
    being broken into

  10. kyffaa says:

    Very nice model, this is a model that I have been fancy alot since I was a
    kid. It is always the biggest box and the most eye catching one at hobby
    shop! Thanks for your video with step by step making of the kit, I feel
    like I were completed the same kit and fullfill my dream to build one. It
    is Big and Classy !!! Well done !

  11. DJPaulgee1 says:

    Nice job. I wish I had spent more time on my Dambuster kit. I have another
    Dambuster kit but I don’t want to touch it. I have the same kit as this
    one, so when I get around to building it, I will spend more time on it.
    Nice looking model you have got there.

  12. angryace13 says:

    awesome job with the flaps!

  13. Dave in the Shed says:

    I posted the new link, thx for letting me know.

  14. Dave in the Shed says:


  15. SuperAncientmariner says:

    Love the “prop blurs”

  16. Dave in the Shed says:


  17. rafanellys says:

    Awesome Lanc. Dave! ;)

  18. undertakersservent says:

    I’m an armature kit builder I got the b 17 Memphis bell and the Lancaster
    can you build these with just brushes and I’m not good at weathering I
    guess I won’t get this level bit hop mine looks ok

  19. Ettoredipugnar says:

    great job. The pilots were painted perfectly

  20. classicplastic101 says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Amazing work!

  21. Joan Llopis says:

    gorgeous!!! I really enjoyed the vid, and what about the kit………I wish
    I were your fatherinlaw..lol Good job:)

  22. TheRealHawkeye says:

    Very nice!

  23. Dave in the Shed says:


  24. Dave in the Shed says:

    @MrSpitfire1990 Future floor polish is used as a cheap,good quality gloss
    coat for applying decals. Decals go on best with a glossy surface. You can
    get it in the US or Canada in any grocery store called “Pledge with
    Future”. In the UK I believe they use a product called “Klear”. I use flory
    washes” for weathering and post shading, you really need an airbrush to
    pull off these shading effects. I finished with a dullcote to kill the

  25. mrbordmechaniker says:

    3:30 whats is The right Way ??

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