Marine Corp Military Workout Plan

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  1. Tristan King says:


  2. Brendan G says:

    @AbusedHD Ever heard of trolling? It’s what I’m doing to you right now. U
    mad bro? Get back on CoD, little kid.

  3. MASR4 says:

    @JessicasNails Gomer Pile was fat.

  4. AbusedHD says:

    @Ihateopp Lmao, did you not just read it? I just said Hoorah and Oorah is
    the same thing? You ended up saying Hoorah is the Army, when it is clearly
    Hooah, you just contradicted yourself dumbass…read what you put. Have you
    not went through speech class either? Did you know H’s can be silent? I
    can’t believe this shit.

  5. Nicc Fury says:

    @gtarules1 If you are in the military you should be discharged, You already
    know as strict as the military is, You still have to be humble, and loyal
    to whom ever it is. Guranteed the fat people watching this video are
    probably trying to lose weight to be in the same position we are.

  6. Brendan G says:

    Its Marine Corps not Marine corp…..

  7. erab1996 says:

    @bloodynachos traceurs FTW bro

  8. Hype642 says:

    @gtarules1 why the fuck you gotta talk shit bout fat people i bet 10% of
    them work harder then your dumb ass does

  9. AbusedHD says:

    @smellmyclock Take away the H and it’s still Oorah, I know where you are
    coming from, I don’t need a lecture because you are telling me stuff I
    already know. I know that we say Oorah or Hoorah. People end up saying
    Who-Raw because they don’t silent the “H” by silencing the H you get Eww-Raw

  10. mike Pettis says:

    only seen 10 sec of the vid and that was enough.

  11. percyjackson gardwanier says:

    ah shit we got a new virus his channel is deticated for this stuff lookout
    fellow marines

  12. AbusedHD says:

    @Ihateopp You have GOT to be shitting me? After you graduate it goes from a
    fucking Platoon to a Squadron, I graduated so I consider my “Platoon” I
    graduate from, a Squad now. A/1/2 1st battalion (Golf Company) My job is a
    Landing Support Specialist Got anymore shit you would like to interview a
    Marine on? Are you even in the Military? Lmfao.

  13. AbusedHD says:

    @Ihateopp WRONG, Hooah is Army, and make sure to capatalize every branch of
    military you type, you un-American bitch. Hoorah, and Oorah is the same
    fucking thing. Who is the poser now? And you are trolling me? Since when?
    I’m trolling you it looks like you still do not know what you are talking
    about. -Semper-Fi Golf Company 2145 Hoorah! (Oorah)

  14. laharan filipa says:

    The first truly custom, interactive, professional nutrition system proven
    to explode lean muscle growth without any fat.Results whit the help of

  15. justBearnaise says:

    ….I’m going to die. Worth it.

  16. Ultimat3wank3r says:

    Tiger crawl? Dude I got tiger blood!!

  17. TruthlessLexisx3 says:

    thanks im not in the army i just wanna get fit .

  18. Chad Corbett says:

    @sarge1799 whats wrong with the crops? I’ve never seen a fat marine (E-1,-

  19. Brendan G says:

    @AbusedHD Just to correct him.

  20. sophisticated soles says:

    Those plyo pushups OWWW

  21. AbusedHD says:

    @smellmyclock The Marine Corps used to say Gung Ho it was taken from the
    chinese, originally the Marine Raider Bn used this but it spread through
    out the Corps. It meant “work together”. The Marines switched to Oorah or
    Hoorah sometime in the 80′s. You forgot to mention that. I just don’t
    understand why no one understand the H is silent Hoorah and Oorah are the
    same thing! It doesn’t matter how it’s spelt as long as you are saying it
    right. People sometimes get confused by saying Who-Raw

  22. dave grohl says:

    @gtarules1 post a vid then you can say that

  23. staaberelli says:

    Good stuff i never seen before…

  24. rednecksniper27 says:

    try the MARSOC 10 week workout just google: marsoc shortcard should be the
    second or 3ird link, will be on leatherneck (dot) com

  25. AbusedHD says:

    @smellmyclock And what you are saying is a fact, we both have facts.

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