Massive Brawl Erupted At Chuck E. Cheese’s Children’s Birthday Party!

A massive brawl erupted at a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese’s on Saturday evening—not between kids, but adults. More on Yahoo! Shine: Parents Behaving Badly: 30…
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  1. skababy8227 says:

    this fight started because one of the black woman stole the latin lady

  2. Michael Ferrara says:

    typical Long Island garbage……God, I can’t wait to leave this shithole

  3. Ja'smin Bartholomew says:

    Clearly to the racist comments you a lot of white people and a black mother
    and a black child. So don’t blame it on the black woman. Everyone had a
    role to play here. 

  4. DarksparkNecrobat says:

    This brawl should never have happened in the first place.

  5. jedifrogg7 says:


  6. Douglas MacIntosh says:

    Stupid parents

  7. jupiter9099 says:


  8. dirtybird802 says:

    the fight erupted around the time they started singing happy birthday lol

  9. ShampooJonesJr says:

    Brawndo’s got electrolytes

  10. thisistheTRUTH3 says:


  11. bond thinh Nguyen says:

    What really started the fight?

  12. CSharp says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how adults surrounded by children can turn into
    raving morons, posing a physical danger to their own little ones. Idiots.

  13. mguarco1 says:

    That’s sad when grown people getting into fights in front of children look
    at the example they are setting for there kids that’s a damn shame

  14. RedRags5 says:

    hahahahaha!!!! i thought this was gonna be blamed on the trayvon martin

  15. imadvlgrl says:

    Haha the comments are the best part of this video

  16. devidoodle101 says:


  17. hambonski1 says:

    too many people are allowed to breed. you should have a license and if you
    fail whatever test you take to get that license. sorry for you bloodline.

  18. holdmeback47 says:

    what was the issue that caused this?

  19. BeatlesandWebkinz says:

    My 6th birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s was pleasant…

  20. raomega8 says:

    just because they are “grown” doesn’t mean that they are mature, but you
    are correct, and this is why I don’t like crowds, individuals have the
    opportunity to demonstrate intelligence, mobs are inherently more primitive
    (ie stupid and violent)

  21. Samantha Lucia says:


  22. spikefivefivefive says:

    It’s all fun and games until the weaves go flying.

  23. CSharp says:

    I was JUST going to say that! LOL

  24. sdave607 says:

    My voka cranburry tasted like cranburry.I ain’t paying

  25. ipd733 says:

    This could have been Michelle Obama 35 years ago

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