Silencerco: “Shut That Gun Up!” Pt 1 by Nutnfancy

PART 1: With the introduction of their pistol suppressors, the rimfire “Sparrow” and the centerfire “Osprey” lines, Silencerco has jumped into the suppressor…


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  1. S McCune says:

    FYI him shooting it is at 24:15

  2. patman0250 says:

    comments clean ?? haha ! right man id fuck that bitch big ass tits!!

  3. Jason Goad says:

    I love that those guys seem to want nothing to do with nutnfancy. 

  4. Jameson Egan says:

    Haha you are pretty funny man, the guy with the pps is totally BA

  5. mattyxvii says:

    nutnfancy is such a stupid douchebag. He is such an idiot and
    unprofessional clown that no one should take him seriously on anything he
    says or does.

  6. Mtnshooter says:

    Keep it clean ( that’s Nutnfancy’s sister)

  7. lcstown says:

    I would totally take her out to dinner, we could have some hardcore ribs!
    -keeping it clean;)

  8. 73Corbin says:

    Ahhh, no shit? Well that makes about as much sense as anything else our
    government does so i am positive that you are right!

  9. 73Corbin says:

    They are generating plenty of revenue with all the new stamp fees. There is
    no reason that they cant hire more people.

  10. Brock12892 says:

    Ya, it would be nice if they could control use the stamp tax as a part of
    their budget, it just goes to the treasury not to the NFA branch to use how
    they like.

  11. whubby36 says:

    The first 9 minutes were painful to watch.

  12. Chandra Oconnor says:

    He’s the interviewer. It’s his channel. Why should he shut up?

  13. Carnage USN says:

    when you put an osprey on a gun it looks like it belongs to robocop lol

  14. iRapeHomelessWomen says:

    Fucking ATF. We need to defund those communist bastards…

  15. Brock12892 says:

    It’s not really the NFA branches fault they need more funding to hire more
    examiners. They know they are short staffed.

  16. Christopher Green says:

    I thought I was the only one who cringed when that happened

  17. deusness says:

    here in america we don’t wipe our ass with our bare left hand.

  18. tun3tym3 says:

    Girl needs her own channel with booty “rap” music playing in the
    background. LOL! (Just because) People need to lighten up … + who cares
    why she is working there? No one came to Nutnfancy channel or goes to
    Silencero to see Bria. But I digress, give her own channel and calendar & i
    bet you’ll have trouble reaching 170,000 + hits. Don’t mean to be a d*ck
    but come on. And shaking hands with left? If he travels with a video op
    then you have a point . but he is the op!

  19. Eric Petro says:

    josh has intensity hahaha sketchy dude

  20. rcknroll35 says:

    “I’m all about road rage” LOL

  21. cobaltn says:

    when he beams that effing light on things it usually makes it harder to see

  22. Aaron Clark says:

    are those display guns at 9:48 real, dummy’s, or inert?

  23. bfgguns says:

    Nutn gave him the left too because he was holding the cam with the right.
    What’s wrong with that?

  24. douglasspriggs97 says:

    @Bison Longshot

  25. YFZrider25 says:

    No disrespect intended man. I just notice how excited you get on most of
    your videos and it gets easy to interrupt when you’re excited. Nice video
    though, and I like your channel.

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