Speech Delay in Toddlers

http://www.diaperdirt.com/37 – This week’s toddler topic is speech delays with your toddler. If your child doesn’t speak 50 words or less by the age of 2, th…
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  1. Kristy Hughes says:

    So glad that the signs count towards their verbal count! My 21 month old
    son isn’t close to 50 words and I was starting to wonder if I needed to get
    him evaluated at 2 years when I go in for his check up. He still doesn’t
    have fifty, but with a good half dozen signs (and picking them up fast!)
    and words right now and 3 months to go he might be right at the cut off.
    Not that it’s a huge deal, my oldest had extra speech help at 3. It’s just
    with an international move very near in our future I was hoping to put it
    off for a few months. And I think I can get away with that for now!´╗┐

  2. MaryE MCLea says:


  3. MsDiaperD says:

    Your welcome. Thanks for subscribing. :) We are still receiving speech
    therapy for him. He is having small wins here and there, but we are still
    working on the early sounds. He is 29 months now.

  4. Ilovecheesecakebaby says:

    Thank for this vid

  5. Ilovecheesecakebaby says:

    My daughter is 2 and can only say 7 words

  6. MsDiaperD says:

    Yup. I feel your pain. Louie said a few words (after being prompted by the
    ST) on Monday and I started crying.

  7. Alidoodles says:

    My daughter has 2 words at two. Ugh it’s frustrating.

  8. MsDiaperD says:

    Your video is GREAT! Watching it on my cell as I type this. Going to
    comment on it now. :) You do everything the speech therapist is telling us
    to do. (And I love to watch the chaos). =)

  9. Get In Shape With Lee says:

    I get a email alert that you posted a comment, don’t you have it setup like
    that. I love comments haha I wake up first thing in the morning just to
    read some!

  10. mangosnseagulls says:

    Great video! Thanks so much. Have you ever done a kitchen tour? I would
    love to see how you use your space and keep things stocked for a family of

  11. Heidi WhileTheyWereNapping says:

    ooo i loved this! i’m a new-ish mommy vlogger with a boy that has speech
    therapy – i want to find moms in san diego like what you’re doing where you
    live :)

  12. Amanda MiloJimandMe says:

    Loved this. We will be trying out the “3 times a charm” method in our
    house. Thanks!

  13. Meme Jumah says:

    Thank you for this important topic because I faced the same with my son
    when he was 2 years old and the therapist told me boys not like girls ion
    talking because girls talking quicker than boys and some of the boys save
    the words in their mind then talk that what happened with my son he is now
    3 years old

  14. MsDiaperD says:

    I haven’t. I’m not especially talented in the kitchen. This video was not
    even in my own kitchen. Lol. I can do a “what’s in my pantry” video though.
    Thanks for the video suggestion!! :)

  15. MsDiaperD says:

    Haha – dork. Adore that word! Reminds me of good times arguing with my
    sister when I was 7. Well, now you’ll just have to go back and leave a
    second comment for all those people. They’ll love it! =)

  16. MsDiaperD says:

    I do, but I’m always on my cell phone. In order to answer the comments I
    have to login to YouTube on my cell, and its tedious if I’m outside the
    App. And YES I agree — comments ROCK! :) Its what makes it all so fun!

  17. MsDiaperD says:

    Thanks, Amanda. I do feel ridiculous doing it sometimes… but it works.

  18. Get In Shape With Lee says:

    Yes I did go back and let everyone know haha Dork is cool haha

  19. MsDiaperD says:

    Thanks for watching! =)

  20. Heidi WhileTheyWereNapping says:

    yes i’m on facebook & i think i joined the YouTube Mommy Meetup, but i’ll
    double check :) i’ve never done a meet up before, but that would be fun! :)
    thanks for your videos! :)

  21. MsDiaperD says:

    Fingers crossed it works for us all. Lol.

  22. Get In Shape With Lee says:

    I am such a dork, I just commented on a lot of peoples video and told them
    the sound is messed up because I cant hear them. I forgot I unplugged my
    speakers and had the headset plugged in!!! I am saying this because I was
    about to leave the same message here and then I figured out why haha

  23. Mrssupermumm says:

    Dana, I am so passionate about this, i was thinking of doing a mini series
    but so many ideas and not enough time hey? I agree with your tips and that
    boys and twins may be slower, I have done a vid response (its a little bit
    chaotic) x

  24. LadybugGirlShow says:

    Zoe (just turned TWO) is behind in speech but she understands everything we
    say so I haven’t been too worried. However, the more time that goes by, I
    do start to worry because she is not hitting the milestones like Emily by
    the same age. I know I’m not suppose to compare children but when I watch
    Amy’s children on Dreamflight6000, I am amazed how advanced her boys are
    verbally. I keep telling myself that Zoe will just talk when she is ready
    but will talk to our doctor and address concerns.

  25. Get In Shape With Lee says:

    I don’t even have a cell phone! I hate being that connected. In my last job
    I was on 24 hr. a day call and I used to get late night calls all the time
    and it sucked!

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