Combat Control School

Official US Air Force Video Production “Combat Control School” portrays the day to day requirements and rigors for entry into the Combat Control career field…
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  1. Cold as Ice says:

    It is a contest if they are teenagers. We military veterans don’t see it
    that way. We don’t have to play the call of duty video games because we
    have lived it.

  2. Fueltilities says:

    So what? They’re hardly alike. Mind you, it actually takes more than just 1
    year to be a fully qualified SEAL. It nears closer to around 2 1/2 years to
    become a fully trained SEAL. I give huge respect and credit to CCT’s, but
    the SEALs are probably one of the military’s top best and most highly

  3. Fickled Squirtle Swag says:

    Former contracted US Navy SEAL here. It takes about 2.5 years to complete
    SEALs IF you’re lucky. I’m looking to become a CCT. Enlisting again next

  4. 93joeanthony says:

    Are they not wearing helmets during these field training ops cause of the
    video ( wanting to look cooler to grab peoples attention) Or do they really
    not have to wear helmets. Just wondering.

  5. Claeson Dillon says:

    Enlisted Route: Boot Camp – 7 weeks Pre-BUD/S – 4-10 weeks BUD/S Indoc – 3
    weeks BUD/S First Phase – 7 weeks BUD/S Second Phase – 8 weeks BUD/S Third
    Phase – 10 weeks Jump School – 3 weeks Seal Qualification Training (SQT) –
    28 weeks Cold Weather Training (Alaska) – 3 weeks at this point you are 73
    weeks (1.4 years) into training, add leave time (we’ll say just 1 month)
    and your first 18 mo. pre-deployment workup and you’re 149 months (2.9
    years) in before you are operational

  6. Klidebodybuilding says:

    149 months?!! Dude thats not 2.9 years.. Thats 12 years! Your off!

  7. awesomeness says:

    So glad I chose Army Infantry over this

  8. clap5 says:

    2 yrs to be a PJ

  9. chrisguala says:

    Where the hell did you get your information about seal training being one
    year. that is completely false.

  10. Dreaklock says:

    Why does every idiot keyboard warrior ALWAYS compare whatever group is in
    the current vid to Navy SEALs? They each have their own specialty and
    things they do. They’re all tough and have tough schools. So why compare
    apples and oranges? It’s no better than saying “well my dad can beat your
    dad.” At what? By the way, it takes a lot longer than a year to earn a
    trident. 1.5 – 2 years is more like it.

  11. dallas1anthony says:

    buds(basic underwater demolition) is a total of 6 months, which is
    basically a long ass selection course and basic weapons and tactics, after
    that they go onto another 2 years of specialized training. learn your facts
    before you misinform people.

  12. MaistroFinch says:

    I still like MARSOC better.

  13. PpsiLvr10033 says:

    One year?! Wtf? LOL Even i know thats so wrong!

  14. Cry Williams says:

    The sad part about this is nobody recognize or even know they are real most
    people think there pararescue and to the guy getting ready to enlist for
    CCT uhhhhhhhhhh your life is going to SUXK UNTIL you get your 7 level I
    recommended not doing this not to kill your vibe but you go from Hot ass
    its going to suck

  15. houndog717 says:

    no it takes a year or a year and a half get ur facts straight

  16. Kane Cadet says:

    You failed SEAL training, or you were a SEAL? Either way why become a

  17. Wheels Up says:

    what do they do besides airfield seizures and building a runway or
    airstrikes, cuz i know TACP mailnly does the airstrikes

  18. Carlos Langford says:

    Who told you that? You’re very wrong…

  19. Karoke77 says:

    It depends on the training (hour / day).

  20. Klidebodybuilding says:

    And its called winter warfare training, not cold weather. Jump school is
    part of SQT..

  21. Thomas LaFrance says:

    um no it takes 2,5years to become a seal just thought id let u know my
    friend is still training

  22. zezema535 . says:

    No, it takes 2.5-3 years to become a SEAL,

  23. Brendan Madison says:

    It does not take 2.5-3 years. It takes around 1-1.5 years.

  24. Asian365 says:

    Booked my cct job and will be in the pipeline after basic training this

  25. Sadeth Cheng says:

    This is why our airstrikes are so efficient in Afghanistan!

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