Foam Roller – massage and release

The foam roller is a great tool: http://www.performbetter.com/catalog/matriarch/MultiPiecePage.asp_Q_PageID_E_91_A_PageName_E_ArticleMyofacialRelease`


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  1. PamtheBlamofficial says:

    @dean147 it’s an extremely helpful tool! Just be sure to work surrounding
    areas AND find out if you’re sore from compensating for other weakness.

  2. Pam Pearson says:

    Hey, lets see some more Insanity endurance test to see how much stronger
    you are now.

  3. Dean Smith says:

    That’s what I’m worried about…I’ve had so many injuries from sport in the
    past im probably compensating for all sorts! haha

  4. MonkBlak says:

    wow really enjoyed the demo! you should have gotten paid for this one :)

  5. PamtheBlamofficial says:

    @AtomicTestBlues @BBLENDER so did you give it a go?

  6. Dean Smith says:

    I was going to ask i you’d really recommend it but then I got to the end of
    the video and there isn’t much doubt left! I have always had tight hip
    flexors so hopefully it will help with that. Thanks for the video!

  7. PamtheBlamofficial says:

    @pampearson2010 That’s a great idea!

  8. Leon Stevenson says:

    I think I’ll give it a go! Thanks Pam.

  9. Leon Stevenson says:

    @AtomicTestBlues Um.. not yet. Thanks :)

  10. PowerModz says:

    Grat vid Pam, I forgot I even have one of those from my bad back days, will
    pull it out for Asylum that starts in a couple of days. For getting deeper
    into the glutes use a tennis ball as well.

  11. PamtheBlamofficial says:

    It definitely would help but I suggest you figure out the reason WHY you’re
    getting shin splints and experiencing lower leg pain.

  12. PamtheBlamofficial says:

    @MonkBlak I’m glad you did. Thanks :) and that WOULD be nice but as long as
    folks take something from it…

  13. Alyssa Grimm says:

    Would this help shin splints and lower leg pain

  14. PamtheBlamofficial says:

    @pampearson2010 That’s a great idea!

  15. BBLENDER says:

    Looks good. I don’t really follow a dvd program, and I’m always neglecting
    my stretches so, I’ll give this a shot (plus it comes with a little guide!)

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