Maryland Fail Pt 1: The Trip Down

READ FIRST!!! IMPORTANT EXPLANATION OF VIDEO!!! Brandon and I were sitting around thinking of shit to do and essentially the only thing we came up with was d…


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  1. Darkman57 says:

    Uhh, there are a lot of other guys we hang with. If ya mean drew (tall
    skinnyish guy with short hair from “shit on the floor”) he wasn’t allowed
    to go…because his mom’s a dirty cunt.

  2. CunnyFunt333 says:

    Wow you and your friends look about as fun as cancer : ) xxx How Now Brown

  3. GoodWeekendFilms says:

    yea drew hahaha hes the shit

  4. Dome says:

    ‘a lot’ is two words luls

  5. Evan A says:

    Give these guys some slack. According to those maps, they are from
    Hughesville, PA. For all of those who aren’t aware, that town is famous for
    harboring a cow raper! (One who rapes cows). Wasn’t expecting to see my
    rival town’s idiots when scavenging youtube for a senior week video

  6. Darkman57 says:

    @12Artleye He’s right, you know. It’s why I bailed for Canada as soon as I
    was able to. Though, I do hope you yourself managed to get out of your
    *borough* , as well. They’re both complete jokes in the center of bumfucked
    Pennsylvania, Mr. Artleye. So, I’m sorry your accusations of a cow rapist
    didn’t stir some Hughesville Spartan Pride in me. Good luck with your
    senior video search.

  7. Darkman57 says:

    and “a.d.d” should have another “.” at the end. and the third map should be
    moving. these things happen when you’re editing four videos in two
    afternoons all by your lonesome. ;_; I has fixed it doe rewatch 00:42

  8. Dome says:


  9. Darkman57 says:

    Whats up with that guys teeth man they are fuckin disgusting.

  10. Dome says:

    there’s Harry…HE LOOKS PRETTY HAPPY

  11. GoodWeekendFilms says:

    weres the other guy u guys hang out with

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