Achilles Tendon Physical Therapy Exercises : Ankle Exercise for the Achilles Tendon

Learn how to perform an ankle exercise to help relieve pain in the Achilles tendon and get expert tips and instruction on caring for Achilles tendon injuries…
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  1. flipcatch says:

    some ‘better’ sound would be nice

  2. cookieBiskwit says:

    no sound???

  3. Cat6768 says:

    i use rubber bands they help a buch

  4. Dawn Shuler says:

    Couldn’t hear it.

  5. ericzingrouleau says:

    Good video Monica we just need more sound, thank you for the exercise.

  6. ferdelance1994 says:


  7. 69amdirk69 says:

    don’t watch the videos.

  8. Nyuunanbu says:

    Move the fucking text

  9. PTUnited1 says:

    pretty good video, a little better sound would be nice

  10. raiderderek says:

    ther iz $ound

  11. Khalilnewyork116 says:

    thanks a bunch

  12. David Broski says:

    sexy legs

  13. Kevin Cairns says:

    Very informative video. Metriks’ FCE software allows the healthcare
    professional to objectively quantify and report on a person’s functional

  14. Darien Richardson says:

    @paintrain3 I had to do something similar because of a football injury in
    my senior year in highschool except I had a rubber band for resistance and
    it was a great exercise.

  15. RitvarLegend says:

    i hate expert village

  16. 1337cole1337 says:

    i found that riding my bike really loosens up my achilles tendon.

  17. drummerjoeInAZ says:

    I found that playing my hi hats and stretching everynight and day has ben
    helping. I hope to start PT and walk someday soon.

  18. Nazar Waheed says:

    ur videos helped me relieve the pain. thank you so much

  19. cowgoesmooooooooo says:

    hello monica can u relive my ejaculation…. :)

  20. paintrain3 says:

    I don’t really understand how this is physical therapy. That much flexion
    (not to mention the shoe rubbing the heel) aggravates the tendon area. This
    looks like a stretch a perfectly healthy Achilles could do, but I think
    anyone with actual Achilles tendinitis would find that movement to be

  21. maorionly says:

    i would have enjoyed this more if she had a bikini on

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