U.S. Army’s BLACK KNIGHT 1000 Physical Fitness Challenge

Soldiers and engineers with 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Advise and Assist Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division test their strength and endurance in the…


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  1. Hamza Hussain says:

    1st Cavalry Division test their strength and endurance in the Black Knight
    1000 Fitness Challenge.

  2. Aaron Lang says:

    Those pullups aren’t allowed in the military. Wait……. that’s the US

  3. louis alvarez says:

    I Just got out of RANGER SCHOOL and that shit was hard as FFFFFUCK …. yet
    i see this and it brings me back to a couple of days ago …..
    HOOOORAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! …………… fucking sore ………

  4. papoopse100 says:


  5. Henry henryson says:

    I believe you Louis Alvarez, if I were just finishing ranger school my
    first thought would be to share it with YouTube lel

  6. Ricky Ortiz says:

    I love how you guys talk shit. but i would like to see you pussys try to do

  7. Airborn77x says:

    what the hell kind of burpees are those? yeah the “warrior spirit” right…

  8. mrbananasplitman7 says:

    if they need to do for example 50 pull ups its much more officiant to do
    those “kipping” pull ups than strict ones

  9. MetalMonarchy says:

    That first guy they talked to sounds so canadian its not even funny but
    thats just my guess which doesnt matter worth a damn :P lol

  10. 440John says:

    You guys belong on the US/Mexico border preventing the swarm of Meztizos
    coming into the US rather than occupying Iraq & other countries in the
    Middle East whose people NEVER did anything to us. Israel’s MOSSAD &
    Zionist traitors embedded in our government pulled off the false flag
    terror attacks on 9-11 & blamed the Arabs for it. That’s the reality the
    Jewish-owned, fanatically pro-Israel media will never tell you. Those of us
    that do are defamed & dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” & nuts.

  11. alexhamilton1226 says:

    SPF 1000

  12. NejoFilms says:

    Some of them already turned black cant you see?, there not born black
    though. That is why its called blackknight, some turn black from sunburn.

  13. SLITTHROAT13 says:

    it’s called kipping pull ups

  14. Patrick Dempsey says:

    You don’t really have to be smart to know history just studious. But ill
    bump you up to 1/2

  15. SoldierCyfix says:

    thumb down/flag for spam , nothing personal just SOP

  16. Lucius Cornelius Macro says:

    It’s cheating.

  17. WillDog92 says:

    does any one know what the wok out is?

  18. wowsolols says:

    They do not build anything. They only break down themself. Fucking weak

  19. alexhamilton1226 says:

    And those aren’t aloud in the military

  20. Peter Enormous says:

    those pull ups were turrible

  21. 440John says:

    Call it what you like, “pro”, it’s still doing pull-ups incorrectly.

  22. Luke Timmins says:

    so what actually is the challenge?

  23. AIIUserNamesInvalid says:

    obvious typo…

  24. Charles Ladowski says:

    that’s “form” with a “m”

  25. Jared Meekhoff says:

    They’re called kipping pull ups

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